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Frozen rainbows

Recently, while poking around on Pinterest, I came across an idea for ice cubes made from fruit nectar. (Don’t all great ideas come from Pinterest now?)

Images of iced tea with mango, strawberry and peach ice cubes filled my mind (okay fine, I also considered using them in rum) and nectar made its way onto my grocery list.

Then life got busy and those three cans of nectar have sat neglected in the pantry ever since.

But yesterday, when the nastiest summer cold hit Katie, the nectar finally got put to use…

strawberry nectar, mango nectar, peach nectar, juice

ice pops, popsicles, popsicles made from nectar, homemade popsicles, Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Maybe I’ll just stir my iced tea with a popsicle?

(We’ve had our Zoku Quick Pop Maker for a year now and we love it. Although these are pretty, the Oreo pops we made last summer still leave me swoony.)

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