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One-on-One Joy

Though I’m still not thrilled with Katie going off to preschool for two LONG mornings each week, I have found a beautiful silver lining.

Matthew and I are soaking up all of this new one-on-one time that we’ve never had until now.

Katie and I had two and a half years together before Matthew’s arrival, but as is often the case with second children, Matthew hasn’t had the luxury of much alone time.

So, we’re finding our groove. We’re playing cars and blocks, reading books, and taking trips to the park.

I still miss Katie, but this time with Matthew is joyous.

Now it’s your turn…

What brought you joy this week?

Don’t be shy! Share it with me. :)

Baby Joy

There are times when I look at Matthew and he seems like such a big boy.

With each passing day, he ages before my eyes and I feel his babyhood just slipping through my fingers.

But, in the mornings, when I greet him and wish him a good morning, the sight of him smiling from behind his pacifier reminds me that in so many ways he is still a baby.

And that brings me so much joy…because I’m just not ready to call him a toddler.

Not yet.

Now it’s your turn!

What brought you joy this week? Please share it with me!

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