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10 Lessons learned while camping

A few days of camping in the woods teaches you a few things…

  1. If the weather forecaster predicts that temps will reach 105 degrees, what she really means is it will be 827 degrees with a heat index of 3 billion.
  2. When your newly-potty trained 3-year-old son poops in his panties in the 100 degree tent, you will, for a not-so-fleeting moment, completely understand the concept of having a “least favorite child.”
  3. $3.99 flip flops from Old Navy are a complete rip off.
  4. When removed from your laptop, iPhone and iPad, you’ll notice things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. On your morning swim, you’ll notice a mother goose on the lake with her 11 babies following close behind. In the afternoon, you’ll hear the laughter from children playing at the lake carried on the breeze. In the late evening, you’ll smell S’mores from three campsites down.
  5. Bees suck. The end.
  6. Legos in the tent will simultaneously be the best idea you’ve ever had (an hour of peaceful playtime in the afternoon) and the worst idea you’ve ever had (stepping on a stray block at 11pm, when you’re making your way to your cot).
  7. When the campground’s general store sells pint-sized “small” ice creams for $1.99, you will quickly come to realize that it really is possible to eat too much ice cream.
  8. Even when you feel like you’re a veteran camper and that you have a solid system in place, camping is still a ton of work. It’s worth it, but wow, it is so much work.
  9. No shower is more fantastic than the one you take when you get home from 3 days spent camping.
  10. There is something magical about exposing your children to the joys of camping. If you ever worry that you  aren’t giving your children the quintessential summer, give them a handful glow bracelets, a couple of flashlights and roast up some marshmallows. Then sit back and smile because none of you will forget those moments.




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Frozen rainbows

Recently, while poking around on Pinterest, I came across an idea for ice cubes made from fruit nectar. (Don’t all great ideas come from Pinterest now?)

Images of iced tea with mango, strawberry and peach ice cubes filled my mind (okay fine, I also considered using them in rum) and nectar made its way onto my grocery list.

Then life got busy and those three cans of nectar have sat neglected in the pantry ever since.

But yesterday, when the nastiest summer cold hit Katie, the nectar finally got put to use…

strawberry nectar, mango nectar, peach nectar, juice

ice pops, popsicles, popsicles made from nectar, homemade popsicles, Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Maybe I’ll just stir my iced tea with a popsicle?

(We’ve had our Zoku Quick Pop Maker for a year now and we love it. Although these are pretty, the Oreo pops we made last summer still leave me swoony.)

For berries…

I have a surprise for you, Chole.

My Aunt Judy, my godmother, always had a surprise for me. Always a lovely little indulgence.

Let’s go out into the garden.

I reached for my shoes and noticed that she had left hers behind.

Look over there, past the hydrangeas…

The grass was silky and sleek beneath my feet as I skipped along.

look beneath the elm tree…

With my chubby hand, I shielded my eyes from the harsh noon sun.

just there, against the white fence.

There, in the cool shade grew hidden treasure…brambly, plump wild raspberries.

Pull those branches apart, that’s where the sweetest ones hide. Choose a crimson one….the others are still bitter.

We had no money for berries. Our fruit bowl held Macintosh apples, navel oranges, bunches of bananas.

Give it a gentle pull, it will come off easily if it’s ready.

We often had no money. For doctors. For books. For rainboots.

Be careful, those thorns are like tiny fishhooks.

I swiped away stray strands of my sun-bleached hair that were blocking my view.

Got it? Okay, now taste it…

I had seen raspberries before, I’d tasted raspberry flavored Kool-Aid before, but this was different…so much better.

Have another…

We had no money. The grown-up apologies in my mother’s hazel eyes told me so.

May I have one?

In the shade of the elm, we ate our entire bucketful.

I couldn’t wait to share these with you…

There, with juice-stained hands, fingernail beds, and lips, those wild raspberries made me feel rich.


This post is in response to the this week’s RemembeRED

prompt that asked us to write about our favorite fresh fruit or vegetable.




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