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Reason #12 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

Psst…I’m going to let you in on a little secret; I’m not terribly creative. Actually, I’ve always believed myself to be rather creatively handicapped.

I’ve struggled with creating stories as an adult.  I can’t lie because I can’t dream up a creative enough story.  My mind just doesn’t stretch itself that way easily.

But lately Katie has been increasingly interested in pretending and I’ve had to push myself more than a bit.

Yesterday, she was sitting on the floor, playing with her Polly Pockets while I was puttering, tidying up, sorting the mail, and emptying the dishwasher.  I looked over at her and she looked so sweet. And so alone.

So, I went over and asked her if I could sit down and play with her.  She simply beamed. I’m not sure when I last brought her such happiness. She eagerly replied, “Oh yes, Mommy, that sounds like a great idea!”

We took turns with her dolls and I truly got lost in the moment with her.  We traded off driving the boat and the van.  We took turns with the scooter and the wake board.  Katie generously let me use the only pair of sunglasses.

We played for about twenty minutes, but she talked about those twenty minutes afternoon and evening. That’s all it took…twenty minutes to make her day.  Twenty out of 1,440 minutes in the span of an entire day.

The dishwasher sat half empty, but her heart was filled to the brim. Last night, when I reviewed my day, those were the best moments by far.

And I learned that I can pretend the heck out of the Polly Pockets. I already know which I’m putting on my Christmas list.  Who says I’m not creative?

Reason #8 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

One of the greatest things about having a preschooler is that you get to help them make useless crafts that take you back to your own childhood when you made your own worthless crafts.

This week, we made a completely useless craft lovely stained glass candle holders.

To make your own useless craft lovely keepsake, here’s what you’ll need to collect from your recycling bin craft cabinet:

  • empty and clean baby food jars
  • pieces of cut up tissue paper in every color of the preschooler rainbow
  • white school glue
  • tea light or votive candle

Step One:

Have your overzealous preschooler smear their finger in the glue and rub it on the table, her arms, her legs, in her mouth, and in her hair the baby food jar.

Step Two:

Place perfectly-cut torn pieces of tissue paper onto the glue, gently pressing into place.

Step Three:

Repeat until your preschooler is stuck to everything you have covered the entire surface of the baby food jar, leaving numerous no blank spaces.

Step Four:

Carefully place a green, no purple, no pink, no yellow, blue tea light or votive candle into the jar and hover over candle the entire time it is lit as it is probably a total fire hazard, what with the flammable tissue paper and all enjoy the lovely flickering candlelight.

Oh, wait, this craft isn’t actually completely useless…it does put a smile on Katie’s face every single time we light it. And anything that does that is perfection in my book!

Coming soon to a craft table near you — hand-print paper turkeys, cotton ball snowmen, and paper snowflakes.

Reason #55 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

Yesterday, when I went to sit down at the desk to write, I found this:

Katie’s purse.

The urge to open it and catch a glimpse inside was irresistible.

Here’s what I found inside when I peeked inside:

Memories of my first purse came flooding back.

I could at once recall going through the house, trying to figure out what I should even put in a purse.  I remember collecting various items that I had seen my mother pull from the mysterious depths of her own purse and then gathered the things that I loved most and added them to my collection.

When I close my eyes, I can picture the contents: a long-forgotten key on a silver ring, a pink and purple beaded change purse from my grandmother, filled with coppery pennies, strawberry Bonne Bell roll-on lip gloss, and my mother’s blue and silver pen that clicked open and closed.

In her purse, I found my lip balm, a friend’s business card, my favorite pencil, all mixed in with her treasures: bracelets, hair clippies, a Dora sticker from the dentist, Silly Putty, Elmo, a bouncy ball.

To see that Katie had gone through the same process of combining her treasures with my own truly brought life full circle.

It’s amazing how we truly are a blend of our mothers and ourselves.

These reclaimed memories are such a lovely gift from my favorite little girl.

Reason #81 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

When Katie gets hurt, she still runs to me,

and cries for me to “kiss it and make it better.” 

And it still works. 

Every single time.

The day will come when my kiss will no longer fix her pain,

when the hurt is just too big.

Please, oh please, let that day in the very distant future.

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