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We All Have Our Line: The Snotsucker Is Beyond Mine

You know how parents always say that they’d do anything for their kids?

Take a bullet, jump in front of a bus, and all that?

I’ve always believed that I really would do absolutely anything for Katie and Matthew.

And then, this morning, I saw this at Whole Foods:

Nosefrida The Snotsucker

And it became apparent to me that I will not, actually, do anything for my kids.

As if the Snotsucker itself isn’t gross enough, as you can see in the photo, you can also buy Snotsucker replacement filters.

Right there, in the health aisle, I had a small moment…a small moment during which I threw up in my mouth.

Nope. Sorry, kids. I love you, but you’re on your own.

If you are one of those parents who truly will do anything for their child, you can purchase the Snotsucker here.

But, if you use it? Please do not tell me about it.


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