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Filled with Love

This has been a year permeated with personal growth, tremendous loss, endless joy, and true beauty.

This has been a year filled with love.

I have a list a mile long of things for which I am grateful.  This life that I have been gifted is more wonderful than I could have ever dreamed.

In no particular order, this year I am grateful for…

…Starbucks Peppermint Mochas.

…a baby boy who points at his daddy and squeals “Da Da!”

…a daughter who, when asked what she is thankful for this year, replied, “my brother.”

…my mother, who told me that she loved me every single day while I was growing up.

…my wonderful family.

…our home, a warm and lovely place where we can raise our children and offer them a true sense of stability.

…that Craig and I were able to spend his mother’s final days at her bedside.  Those moments with her were a gift that I will treasure for my entire life.

…each and every person who comes here and reads my words.

…the comments that you all leave for me, each one is a little gift.

…miniature pumpkin cheesecakes.

…a techie husband who recognizes that the best writing occurs on a new MacBook Pro.

…a daughter who finds delight in the smallest of things.


…a handful of amazing friends who have stood by me through the years.

…the lovely friends that I’ve made this year (you and you and you).  I am blessed beyond compare.

…my baby boy who has recently learned how to give slobbery kisses.

…a husband who encourages me, who laughs with me, and who treats me with tenderness and respect.

…this blog, a place that affords me space to think, grow, and change.

…and lastly, the relief that I feel for having finished NaNoWriMo and the knowledge that I never, ever have to do that again!

This post is linked up with the Red Writing Hood’s prompt this week to write about

the things for which we are grateful.

Call Me Crazy…

…but I’m taking on a challenge that may possibly cause me to lose my mind.  Or perhaps the mere fact that I’m taking on this challenge indicates that I’ve already lost my mind.

Either way, my sanity is questionable.

This month, I’m writing a novel, well a memoir, really. (I’m still trying to get over just how pretentious that sounds.  By definition, it is merely “a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge.”)

I can’t think of a worse time to tackle something like this.  Matthew turns one (!) mid-month and then there’s Thanksgiving to celebrate and Christmas to prepare for, but November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), so I’m setting aside all common sense and I’m just going to go for it.  And if you know me, you know that I’m not a risk taker.  At all.

50,000 words.

That’s 1,667 words a day.

And for a quick frame of reference, my blog posts typically range between 700-900 words.

I’m still committed to in these small moments and this space will remain my first priority, as far as my writing goes, anyway. 

But, I’m clearly going to need to shake things up a little bit.

Once a week, I’m planning to republish a post from my archives. I’ve gone back through and chosen some of my favorite posts.  If you haven’t been with me from the beginning, I hope that you enjoy my choices and learn something about what I’m trying to do here.  If you have been here since the early days, I hope that you’ll enjoy the trip down memory lane.  (I just love you all.)

I may also occasionally post bits of my book (my book!).

I hope that you’ll all hang in there with me.

Thank you all in advance!  So very much!

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