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Words of Motherhood: Listen to Your Mother

Listen to your mother, LTYM, Listen to your mother San FranciscoWe each woke up that crisp, sunny morning, quite likely with our first thoughts of our Listen to Your Mother audition that day.

We each carefully chose our clothes, applied our makeup, and mentally ran through our chosen piece time and again.

We drove to the Fort Mason Center to share our words with two women who were truly eager to hear them.

Words of motherhood.

We waited for our turn and we worried.

All of us.

And, one after another, we read.

Each story beautiful in its own unique way, but also much the same.

Words of motherhood.

We all went home and waited.

Many of us spoke with one another about the amazing experience.

We took turns expressing how grateful we were to have had the opportunity to read our words.

We spoke of being honored to attend the LTYM show in May, whether in the audience or as a part of the cast.

And we truly meant it.

I am elated to be one of the lucky ones who were cast for the show.

I am so incredibly honored to be one of those who will stand and read her story.

I will stand and read my words and share my story and I will never forget this feeling of overwhelming joy.

I am so incredibly grateful and excited for this experience and I am sending so much love to those who weren’t cast this time.

I am confident that each of us, those who were cast and those who were not, are grateful for the experience.

For having a welcoming environment in which to share our words.

Words of motherhood.

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