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If there’s one thing that I love, it’s my comfort zone.

You may have noticed that I’m not a big risk taker and I’m so not a fan of change.

You know what else I loved? My long hair when I had time to style it, which was about once a week because it took over an hour to do. The rest of the week, it was in a ponytail. A headache-inducing, frumpy ponytail.

So yesterday I got wild and crazy and had all of my hair chopped off.

I’ve truly never had so much cut off at one time.

And what was my takeaway from the experience?

Change can be good.

I think it will take me a bit of time to get used to it and for it to become my new comfort zone (what?).

But, I’m happy that the ponytail is gone and that I have a haircut that I can style more easily.

And this feels like a bit of a fresh start.

Here are the before and after shots…

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to go for it. Although I might find a length in between, this was such great experience.

And thank you, Melissa, for being so patient with me and giving me such a great cut. I’m so incredibly grateful to you and look forward to sitting in your chair again.

First Haircut and Neck Nibbles

After dragging our feet for so long (you all remember our poll, right?), we finally brought Matthew for his first haircut.

This was our baby…

And this is our big boy…

As I expected, I cried as they cut off his baby curls. But, I am so happy that we finally did it.

His neck is so much easier to nibble on now.


How to Break Up with Your Hair Stylist in 10 Easy Steps

Step One:  Bitterly exit salon, with horrible haircut, intense nausea, and receipt for $160, clenched in hand.

Step Two: Vow to NEVER see stylist again.

Step Three:  Put “find new stylist” on to-do list.

Step Four: When roots appear, Google regrowth, roots, and celebrities and try to convince yourself that Jessica Simpson and Sarah Jessica Parker get away with this all the time.

Step Five: Remember that you are not a celebrity.

Step Six: Make appointment with crappy stylist because you weren’t motivated enough to find a new one.

Step Seven: Incredulously watch stylist text, pluck her own eyebrows, and tell you about all of the guys she has “hooked up with” while your highlights are over processing.

Step Eight: Repeat Step One

Step Nine: Suck it up and book appointment with complete stranger at the same salon.

Step Ten: Leave appointment with a great cut and color,  a receipt for a third less than you paid the old stylist, and a huge sigh of relief.

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