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Brushes With Salmonella Death

My local Target had barely packed up the St. Patrick’s Day paraphernalia when they turned the holiday aisles into a pastel wonderland of all things Easter. (Can someone please explain why is Easter so late this year? I’m dying already.)

People? I love Easter. Hopping bunnies, chocolate, cute little baby chicks, and ham? Yep, Easter is my holiday.

There is so much about Easter that I love, but I’ve boiled it all down to five key things:

1) Three words: Cadbury Mini Eggs. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

2) Bunnies that visit in the night and leave the loveliest of baskets, filled
with toys and treats that will keep Katie and Matthew delighted for hours.

3) Dyed eggs. This is just one of those messy things that must be done. Every year, I’m convinced that I’ll get salmonella from blowing all of those egg whites out, but it’s so worth the risk.

4) Ham. Oh, wait, I may have mentioned ham already. Ooops.

5) Finding eggs the following Tuesday that Craig and I hid, but were undiscovered on Easter morning. Filled with Cadbury Mini Eggs.

And, we’ve come full circle!

Cadbury Mini Eggs, happy kids, brushes with salmonella death, ham, and Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Happy Easter!

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