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Smells of Joy and a Recap

The two (yes, just two!) gorgeous gardenia blossoms in my garden that greeted me yesterday brought me the loveliest bit of joy this week!

Those two blooms hint at all that’s to come…evenings outside with wine and my handsome husband.

I’m certain that little smells as wonderful.

Happy summer!

And now, it’s your turn!  What brought you joy this week?

Please share in the comments!

Your joys so much greater…

This week’s Small Moments Mondays guest poster is…me!

I wrote this letter to Katie last Monday and since today is my birthday, I’ve decided to share it with you here!

Thank you so much for reading…

Dear Katie,

When Daddy left for work this morning, he asked you to go easy on me today. Mondays are always rough, as we try to find our groove again with Daddy back to work. He told you that I needed some extra hugs and that you should snuggle with me as much as possible.

And you did.

You molded into me, stroking my arm and squeezing my hand.

You tickled my neck and “read” to me.

You simply loved me.

You are such a beautiful child, Katie. Kind and tender, intuitive and observant.

You aren’t yet four, but somehow you are so much older than your years.

It brings me so much joy to look at what a lovely person you are becoming. I see hints of the woman you will one day be.

I am so grateful to have you in my life.

Life is so filled with twists and turns, my sweet Katie. Sometimes I want to hold you you tightly and refuse to entertain the idea of you growing older.

But you will.

You will.

And I hope to be there by your side, sharing the bits of wisdom that I’ve gathered on my journey.

Small things, like always carry tissues in your purse, to bigger things, like reach for all of the happiness that your arms can hold.

Tiny things, like Dave Matthews must play a central part in any road trip, to more important things, like don’t be too hard on yourself. You will stumble. We all do.

I hope to be there to tell you where I made mistakes and where I made great choices.

And, like all mothers, I hope that your sad times are fewer than mine and your joys so much greater.

Because, if I know anything to be true in this world, it’s that I love you, Katherine. From tip to toe.

You are truly remarkable.

And I’m blessed that you’re ours.

With a heart just brimming with love,



I’m honored to be guest posting over at my lovely friend Natalie’s blog, Mommy of a Monster, where I am sharing one of my less than stellar mommy moments. It would mean the world to me if you would come over and say hello.  Come read, “To Be Sure.”

Be careful what you wish for…

We’re all familiar with the advice to be careful what we wish for, right?

Well, I wished for a husband who would be my partner, who would be an active parent who knew the ins and outs of how to care for our children.

When I got sick a couple of months ago, I was left with some thinking to do. And the result of that thinking is syndicated over on BlogHer today.

I would truly appreciate it if you could swing by and say hello and throw a sparkle my way.

If I’m a nice guest, hopefully they’ll invite me back. ;)

If you are visiting me from BlogHer, thank you so very much.

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I absolutely love sports. I’ve always loved the spirit, the excitement, the spark in the air.

Basketball, hockey, football, all wonderful. I can talk stats and smack with the best of ‘em.

Some sports have always been off limits, however. The big three, I always said.  No golf, no tennis, no baseball.

Then I met my husband, an avid and life-long San Francisco Giants fan. He spoke of the drama, the strategy, the anticipation of the game.

I found it necessary to impress upon him that in no way would I be watching any baseball…I explained my disdain for the big three from the very beginning.

Every time he’d watch the game, I’d watch the backs of my eyelids. Snoozefest.

Ever feel like life is passing you by far too quickly? Watch some baseball. It will slow down things down pretty quickly.

I made it through two full excruciatingly-long seasons without watching a single game. That’s 162 games people, per team. And when you live in Northern California, you have two of them.

Then one day Craig called me with words that made my blood run cold. He had tickets. Great tickets. For a Giants game.

And he wanted me to go with him.

I reminded him of the big three. How could he have forgotten?

He reminded me of the four Shakespeare productions he had taken me to over those same two years.

My resolve weakened.

He sealed the deal with his promise to buy me as much beer as necessary. I anticipated LOTS of beer.

We rode the train into the city and Craig spent the entire trip trying to teach me the basics of the game. America’s pasttime, blah, blah, blah. Big waste of his time, I kept thinking.

When we arrived, I quickly reminded him of his beer promises, so we grabbed a couple and found our seats.

As I sat there, in the glorious sunshine, I realized that beer in the sun wasn’t so bad.

When the game began, I relaxed a bit and learned that I loved the sound of the crack of the bat.

I asked a couple of questions, trying to remember the things that he taught me, or at least tried to teach me, on the train.

Craig saw his opening and began throwing out little rules for me to absorb.

It took three innings for me to coin a new phrase…the big two. No golf, no tennis.

Baseball permeated my brain that summer. I gathered stats and read every book on baseball that I could get my hands on. I called Craig at work to tell him that the batting order had been changed for that night’s game or that a pitcher had pitched a perfect game or to suggest that we head into the city to catch a game.

I spoke to him of the drama, the strategy, the anticipation of the game.

Baseball has become one of my favorite sports.

I’m so grateful for that day when I just gave it a chance…when I resisted the urge to dig my heels in.

But the big two? Never gonna happen.

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