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10 Lessons learned while camping

A few days of camping in the woods teaches you a few things…

  1. If the weather forecaster predicts that temps will reach 105 degrees, what she really means is it will be 827 degrees with a heat index of 3 billion.
  2. When your newly-potty trained 3-year-old son poops in his panties in the 100 degree tent, you will, for a not-so-fleeting moment, completely understand the concept of having a “least favorite child.”
  3. $3.99 flip flops from Old Navy are a complete rip off.
  4. When removed from your laptop, iPhone and iPad, you’ll notice things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. On your morning swim, you’ll notice a mother goose on the lake with her 11 babies following close behind. In the afternoon, you’ll hear the laughter from children playing at the lake carried on the breeze. In the late evening, you’ll smell S’mores from three campsites down.
  5. Bees suck. The end.
  6. Legos in the tent will simultaneously be the best idea you’ve ever had (an hour of peaceful playtime in the afternoon) and the worst idea you’ve ever had (stepping on a stray block at 11pm, when you’re making your way to your cot).
  7. When the campground’s general store sells pint-sized “small” ice creams for $1.99, you will quickly come to realize that it really is possible to eat too much ice cream.
  8. Even when you feel like you’re a veteran camper and that you have a solid system in place, camping is still a ton of work. It’s worth it, but wow, it is so much work.
  9. No shower is more fantastic than the one you take when you get home from 3 days spent camping.
  10. There is something magical about exposing your children to the joys of camping. If you ever worry that you  aren’t giving your children the quintessential summer, give them a handful glow bracelets, a couple of flashlights and roast up some marshmallows. Then sit back and smile because none of you will forget those moments.




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No Internet Connection, Ricky Martin, and an Amazing Offer

As I may have mentioned, we recently went camping for four days.

Now, the best part about camping is that we typically go off the grid.

And, the worst part about camping is that we typically go off the grid.

While I love getting away and having zero access to the Internet, there’s a part of me that wonders what will be waiting for me when we return.

Usually, it’s about 28 emails from Victoria’s Secret, filling me in on the latest bras that will make me irresistible, telling me that surely we’ve had enough dirty diapers that it’s time to reorder, or Piperlime, highlighting all of the fabulous shoes I’m missing out on.

We took a brief trip into town on the second day of our camping trip to buy warmer clothes (who would have thought we’d be so cold on the California Coast?) and I was hovering over my iPhone, like an internet junkie, hoping for my fix.

And, when I held my phone above my head with my right hand, stood on my left leg, held a piece of tin foil, and whistled Livin’ La Vida Loca, I was able to connect and download emails.

And amidst the bras, diapers, and platform sandals, was this note from Melissa, from Mom Comm:

“SITS and Mom Comm are teaming up for twice-a-month critiques on SITS…Well, you’re gonna be first, my dear!”

That was entirely too much awesome in one email for me to truly digest.

SITS and Mom Comm?

Holy smokes!

The thing that amazes me most often about blogging is the support and sense of community that exists. The SITS Girls have played a major role in fostering that community. Whether you’re new to blogging or you have years of experience, these brilliant women can teach you so much.

And Mom Comm? Well, Melissa is one of my blogging idols. She combines an insane amount of marketing communication knowledge, social media savvy, and an eye for great content and shares her knowledge with those of us who are aching to learn more.


While I was excited about having my blog reviewed by these talented and accomplished women, I was also a bit nervous.

While I love my blog, I know that there are areas that need to be spruced up (my outdated about page, for starters!).

But, without knowledge, there’s no growth, right?

So, with the tin foil in hand and a prayer for a solid Internet connection, I sent Melissa an email, accepting her gracious offer.

And I’ve been holding my breath ever since.

Won’t you follow me over to the SITS site to see what they have to say?

Thank you, Melissa and the lovely women over at SITS (specifically Kat and Fran), for your tremendous insight and for this amazing opportunity. Your critique has given me so much to think about and a super long, but exciting to do list!

And if you’re visiting me from SITS, welcome! I’m so happy to have you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, too!

Fresh Air and Joy

Fresh air, time spent completely off the grid, and the ability to give Craig, Katie, and Matthew my undivided attention brought me tremendous joy this week.

I took no fewer than 4,839 photos in four days of camping, but I’ll go easy on you and just share a handful (okay,a huge handful!).

Matthew, waiting patiently as we set up the campsite…

There’s something about camping that brings Katie a sense of peace…she is so at ease and happy…

Matthew is so in love with his new shoes, he would barely let us take them off…

Why yes, Matthew is wearing Katie’s hand-me-down pajamas. Don’t judge! I looked everywhere for footed fleece jammies and it turns out you can’t find them in August. Go figure. Just focus on the sweet doughnut faces.

Oh, sugar, where have you been all my life?

The best seat in the house…

You really can’t beat three trucks from Target’s dollar aisle…

…unless it’s a balloon on a rubber band. Does anyone remember these? So much fun!

He acts like I never put the camera down or something…

Let the sand throwing commence…

Sand between my toes will forever make me homesick for Maine…

I melt… (note the sand in the corners of his mouth he ate a peck, at least!)

…and I melt some more…

Boundless joy…

Did I mention I melt?

Some of you asked how Katie reacted to all of that sugar she consumed while camping. Here’s your answer…

If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for peeking!

There is something about camping that soothes our souls and recharges us as a family. So much joy.

Now, it’s your turn! What brought you joy this week? Please share!

All Bets Are Off

We have a limited sugar policy in our house.

I just don’t buy sweets so I don’t have to say no.

But when we go camping, I come unhinged and all sugar bets are off.

In a typical week at home, raspberries or blueberries are dessert.

In a typical day of camping, dessert lasts all day long for days.

Here’s what Katie’s sugar intake looked like on Sunday, for example:

7 mini powdered sugar doughnuts

4 Lifesavers

2 cups of hot cocoa

1 bowl of Ben & Jerry’s cookies and cream ice cream

1 packet Annie’s fruit snacks

2 S’mores

2 juice boxes


1 light blue rock candy lollipop

There may be more, but I think I’m blocking it out.

This smile is all I’ll remember, I’m sure of it…






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