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It’s Finally Here! The 2012 Blogger Body Calendar

2012 Blogger Body Calendar, Blogger Body CalendarRemember back in March, when I told you about the Blogger Body Calendar project?

Well, it’s finally ready for purchase!

Proceeds from this year’s calendar go to Violence Unsilenced.

Please go buy one…or several!

And when you flip through the calendar and see me as Ms. March, you’ll also see just how remarkably talented my photographer and dear friend Yuliya is. That woman works magic!

Thank you, Yuliya…much love to you.

Please, go pick up a calendar. Your purchase shows your support for every woman who has had to struggle against violence.

How to Feel Impossibly Old in 19 Easy Steps

Want to feel so old that you should make a mad dash for the drugstore to pick up some Geritol?

Try this foolproof plan…

  1. Go to hip party where the average age must surely be 28.
  2. Have a glass of wine.
  3. Take note of the trendy clothes and amazing shoes on everyone but you.
  4. Have another glass of wine.
  5. Notice line forming that is so long that you can’t see what everyone is waiting for, but tell yourself that long lines always equate to great stuff. Duh.
  6. Get in line.
  7. Realize that the pot at the end of this rainbow is filled with hair feathers.
  8. Realize that hair feathers no longer have anything to do with Farrah Fawcett.
  9. Shiver.
  10. Take embarrassingly large swig of wine.
  11. Ignore subtle hint from wise friend who says, “You’re on your own with this one.”
  12. Get hair feather, in blue, your daughter’s favorite.

Fast forward one week…

  1. Arrive at appointment for make up to be professionally applied for calendar photo shoot.
  2. Listen to gloriously beautiful and stylish makeup artist tell you that you’re “cute” when she notices your hair feather.
  3. Fantasize about large glass bottle of wine.
  4. Cringe when she explains that she was going to get one, but by the time she got around to it, they weren’t “cool anymore.”
  5. Fantasize about bottle barrel of wine.
  6. Hurry home and instruct husband to remove hair feather, whether by pliers, scissors, or match.
  7. Celebrate hair feather removal with copious amounts of wine.
hair feather

NOT the fountain of youth…

Ms. March?

There are nights when I still dream about it…when I wake up, engulfed in panic.

It takes me a few minutes and just one glance at Craig to get my bearings…to remember that that life is truly far behind me.

But there are so many others who aren’t so lucky to wake up and feel relief wash over them.

I’ve always wished that I could help even one person walk away from violence.

And now, I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to do just that.

I’m so excited to finally share my news with you.

I’ve been selected to appear in the Blogger Body Calendar for 2012.

All proceeds from this year’s calendar will go to Violence UnSilenced, a site committed to “shedding light on the epidemic of domestic violence and sexual assault by giving its survivors a voice.”

I am elated to be a part of this amazing project.

I am also Ms. March. ;)

Does Your Name Rhyme With Braig?

It does?  Great!  You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve made you a handy Christmas list, just perfect for your wife, from which you can choose a couple of items.

Simply click on an image for item details and purchase information.  I’m all helpful like that.

Just think, if she had pretty cardigan,

you wouldn’t have to see her in that ratty old sweatshirt that she wears almost daily…

And those yoga pants might get a break if she had something cozy like this…

She’d love to read this in her rare spare time (stop laughing, it could totally happen!) …

And to protect the MacBook Pro that you soooo generously gifted her with,

how about a nice protective case?

Here’s a gorgeous bottle stopper that she would use often (read: daily) …

And a birdie tells me that her free trial of Scrivener is about to expire…

And for those rare occasions when she manages to squeeze in a shower,

this would make her smell nice…

She would love this gorgeous calendar, filled with many of her amazing bloggy friends…

proceeds go to the National Eating Disorders Association

Here’s something that she’s wanted for about 23 years…

And her stocking wouldn’t be complete without a tube of this…

If your name does indeed rhyme with Braig?  I am all sorts of helpful, huh?

And I love you!

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