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A Birthday Letter for My Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful Katie,

Sweet baby girl, you’re turning four today.

Four fantastic years old.

I’m not sure how that is even possible.

Mommy and Daddy waited so long for you, Katie.

We worried that you’d never come along. But you finally did.

And that waiting was so worth it…you are exactly the baby we were meant to have.

Days old...

I thought I knew what it would be like to be a mother.

I thought I knew what it meant to love.

Then, you arrived and taught me that I knew so very little.

One year old...

You taught me that once you have a child, you are more vulnerable than you ever dreamed possible.

You showed me watching you sleep was the most important thing that I could do on any given afternoon.

Two years old...

Loving you has shown me that I can’t control everything…that sometimes the most amazing moments come from letting go just a little…that sometimes it’s better to let life guide us just a bit.

You have taught me to laugh at myself, because nothing makes you laugh harder.

Three years old...

You have helped me to realize that throwing caution to the wind every once in a while doesn’t have to be scary.

You have taught me that the amount of love that the heart can hold is endless…that just when I am certain that I couldn’t possibly love you more, you make my heart nearly explode.

Nearly four years old...

You have shown me that life passes so quickly.

I don’t want to waste a single moment of this time that I’ve been given to share with you.

You have brought me more joy than I ever dreamed possible.

Happy birthday, my beautiful baby.

With more love than you can possibly imagine,


Happy Birthday!

One of the perks of being Nichole’s “IT Guy” sometimes is that I know the password to her blog.

So I can hack into her site and offer you a HUGE moment on Small Moments Monday:


Happy Birthday Nichole!


To the woman who is my beautiful and amazing wife, Happy Birthday!

To the woman who is the incredible mother to our children, Happy Birthday!

To the woman who is so talented and makes me so proud, Happy Birthday!

To the woman who is my best friend in life, Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful day, sweetheart.  Today is all about celebrating YOU!

Now, go read “Your joys so much greater…” and wish her a Happy Birthday!



Please Take Your Time … A Letter to My Son on His First Birthday

Dear Matthew,

Happy First Birthday, my sweet baby boy.

How is it possible that a year has passed since you entered our lives?

There’s so much that I want to tell you.  I long to help you understand just how much we love and value you.

For days, I’ve been trying to draft this letter to you, but every time that I sat down to put my feelings into words, I was overcome with love … pure love with no words attached. And the page before me remained blank.

Katie entered our world and brought us so much joy.  She was an easy baby and she enhanced so much of who I already was.  She is truly magical and has made me love more deeply, protect more fiercely, and appreciate life more fully.

When you entered our world, you were more challenging.  You didn’t sleep nearly as well, you cried day in and day out for months from terrible acid reflux. But you made me a better person. You taught me just how strong I am, how capable I am of loving even when things aren’t easy and perfect.  You taught me about myself, Matthew, and for that, I am so grateful to you.

Over the past year, you have grown into the sweetest baby.  You light up when you see me, you are delighted by Katie, and you squeal with joy when you hear Daddy’s car pull into the garage.

You love independent play, but every few minutes, you crawl over to me and climb onto my lap and hold me tight.  I always think that you are just checking in with me, looking for reassurance and a bit of love.

You are impossibly tender and loving. You hold on to me as though you’re trying to tell me just how much you love me.

I can’t imagine a world without you in it, Matthew.  I have come to love you more intensely than I could have ever dreamed.

Thank you for all that you have brought to my life.  Thank you for loving me and for making me a better person.

I hope that the upcoming year drags by.  I hope that you take your time learning how to walk.  I hope that you stay cuddly and soft.  Please take your time and stay my baby for just a bit longer, I can’t bear to have you grow up yet.

With a heart simply overflowing with love,


Fumbles Aplenty!

Although I like to think myself a considerate wife, mother, and friend, I have fumbled the ball on numerous occasions lately. 

Our life has been turned upside down over the past couple of months and we are just now starting to feel like we’re getting back to normal.  I’m typically organized, thoughtful, and structured.  Lately, I’ve been forgetful, disorganized, and scattered.  Really, I’ve just dropped the ball.

Here’s a list of my six biggest recent fumbles:

1. Wife Fumble! 

I thoroughly fumbled Father’s Day.  This is completely out of character for me.  Since we had Katie, I’ve put together an annual Father’s Day photo book for Craig.  This year was to be no exception, but on the day when I planned to order it, we learned that my mother-in-law’s condition had worsened and we immediately left home for eight days.  When Father’s Day rolled around, just a few days after her death, I had a stack of blank cards in hand and nothing else.  Since none of us were in a celebratory frame of mind, we moved Father’s Day to the following Sunday.  I fumbled that too, and I’m still holding blank cards and haven’t ordered Craig’s book yet.  He deserves much better than this. 

2.  Daughter Fumble! 

This past Thursday, a huge box arrived in the mail from my mother.  Inside was a stack of books for me and toys for the kids.  I have yet to thank my mom for her thoughtfulness and generosity.  I need to have five minutes of quiet in a row to call her and thank her.  (Thank you, Mom…I’m calling you soon!)

3.  Mommy Fumble! 

Craig and I decided to put Katie in swim lessons this summer.  Making the call to get her signed up has been on my to do list for two weeks.  Why do I only remember this when I’m trying to fall asleep at night? 

4.  Friend Fumble! 

We had Katie’s birthday party just a few days before we left to care for my mother-in-law.  Though we have managed to actually write her thank you notes, I still haven’t had a chance to mail them to our wonderful friends who came to help us celebrate Katie’s special day.

5.  Parent Fumble! 

Katie turned three nearly two months ago and I still haven’t scheduled her three-year check up.  I have absolutely no excuse for this, we’ve known for a year that we had to make this appointment.  Again, I seem to only remember this stuff when I’m in bed at night. 

6.  Blogger Fumble! 

A few weeks ago, Move Over Mary Poppins generously awarded me the Sugar Doll Award (this award makes me feel like a Southerner and I can’t say it without a drawl!). 

We had so much going on that acknowledging and thanking her slipped through the cracks.  I am, however, honored and can’t thank her enough for thinking of me! 

Although I am finally thanking her, I’m also supposed to list ten things about myself and pass the award on to ten other deserving bloggers.  But, I’m only sharing six things and I’m passing the award on to just a few bloggers, who currently live in the south, as I think they might be able to give the award the proper southern drawl that it deserves!  Here they are:

Guilty Squid

The Adventures of Christopher and Tia

Everything You NEVER Wanted to Know (Let’s get her blogging again!)

The last thing that I’m supposed to do is notify those I’ve given the award to … let’s hope this isn’t my 7th fumble!  Off I go.

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