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My deepest, darkest sleep secrets


sleep number m7 memory foam mattressI have a secret.

I sleep in Katie’s bed far more often than I should.

Yes, she’s snuggly and yes, I may be trying to soak up every single moment of my time with her.

But those aren’t the biggest reasons.

Why do I prefer to sleep in her bed?

Several months ago, Craig and I went out and forked over an insane amount of money for a new mattress.

Once we got it home, neither of us loved it nearly as much as we hoped, but you know, when you’ve had to sell a kidney to buy a bed, you kind of want to keep the rest of your organs, so you just deal with it.

No sooner had I accepted that perhaps sleeping on a cloud wasn’t realistic, the lovely people over at Sleep Number® contacted me and offered me a … wait for it … brand new Sleep Number® m7 Memory Foam bed.

I am not even kidding.

So, I did what any smart mother would do and asked if they’d be willing to send it for Katie instead.

We had begun researching mattresses for her as she was ready to move out of her toddler bed, so it seemed the perfect solution.

One thing that I learned when researching mattresses for children is that our sleep needs change over time, so the firmer surface that’s comfortable for a child of five will be far less comfortable by the time she’s fifteen. I was hesitant to spend much money on a mattress that we would likely have to replace in ten years.

With the Sleep Number® bed, she’ll just adjust her settings as she gets older, ensuring that we’ll never have to buy her another mattress.

So, why do I love her bed so much for myself?

My reasons are many:

  • With 3-inches of CoolFit™ foam with gel technology it’s way cooler than my bed and I don’t wake up sweaty.
  • The firmness of the m7 bed is totally adjustable, so I’m able to set her number to the perfect level of comfort.
  • The memory foam is much softer and more breathable than in our bed.
  • My restless legs that keep me up most nights in our bed don’t bother me at all in her Sleep Number® bed. I’ve struggled with this for so long and never been able to find relief, so this is huge.

I wish we had visited a Sleep Number® store when we were shopping for our mattress. As we laid there on the beds, we had no idea what the mattress would feel like over time. If we had bought a Sleep Number bed, we would have had the ability to adjust the bed to make it perfectly comfortable. And  the Sleep Number® DualAir™ technology would have allowed us to set our numbers to adjust the firmness on each side of the mattress so we could have both been completely comfortable.

So, until we finally admit defeat and give in and buy an m7 for ourselves, if you need me, you’ll probably find me in Katie’s bed.

You can find Sleep Number® on Facebook.

And I dare you to watch this video and not want one!

I received a free Sleep Number® m7 Memory Foam bed to review from Select Comfort / Sleep Number for this post.

A Collection of Joyous Small Moments

I haven’t shared the beauty in a while, so I’m going to take this lazy Sunday afternoon to do just that! 

I promise, I’ll be brief so that you can spend your moments exploring these wonderful treats:

In a recent post, At Least for Me, Kris, from Pretty All True, lovingly wrote about her eldest daughter’s transition from her crib to a big girl bed.  When I read it, my heart grew so big it nearly exploded.  This post is beautiful and tender and I could reread it many times over.  Though it spoke to me partly because we recently introduced Katie to her big girl bed, this story of a mother’s intense love for her child is a gift for us all.

Andy, from Crazy with a Side of Awesome Sauce, recently captured a lovely small moment with a gorgeous, warm photograph, Golden Afternoon, that made me peaceful and happy.

My favorite food is salmon.  Every time I eat it, I am overwhelmed with bliss and caught in that very moment.  Meredith, from In Sock Monkey Slippers, recently posted a recipe for Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Salmon that screams out for me to make it and eat it entirely by myself.  Some things simply cannot be shared.

I am often struck by the way we remember things and by which bits of an experience stay with us.  Jen, from Denton Sanitorium, has written a beautiful post, M is for Memories, that thoughtfully questions how her children will remember their recent vacation. 

Though Guilty Squid never fails to make me laugh, I read a post this week that made me giggle, guffaw, and cry with laughter.  I loved it and I think you will too. Read it here:  This is the story of how I thought this Hollywood writer/director/producer was proposing to me. As it turns out, I may be proposing *for* him.

Chris Jordan has captured the essence of living in the moment with these beautiful shots of summer bliss:  The Camera Just Loves This Kid

Now, I’m off to feed Katie some watermelon!

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