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Vulnerability and Connection

There’s a softness in Katie sometimes, a vulnerability that she wears on the outside if she has exasperated me or tried my patience. And if I’m truly present, I can catch it and wrap her up in acknowledgment and words of unconditional love.

Today, as I helped her to get ready for her nap, her lovely little face was softer, even more tender than usual.

I sat down on the floor, gathered those suddenly-long limbs up into my lap, and brushed her hair from her cheeks.

I looked at her…really looked at her…and told her what I feel from the core of who I am, that she and her brother are the most important things in our world.

Her eyes glistened and she relaxed into me.

I squeezed her even closer and then helped her settle into her bed. I kissed her and said my I love yous and came downstairs, collected my coffee cup and laptop, and turned on the baby monitor.

As I do each afternoon, I checked on her brother, then switched over to the other channel to check on her, and heard her telling her white kitty, “Know what, White Kitty? You are the most important thing in the world.”

In an instant, I knew that the she truly hears me…that my words find their way into her heart.

And in that moment, I wore my vulnerability on the outside.

A Tale of Two Kitties

As we prepared to take away Katie’s beloved pacifier when she was 21 months old, we did extensive reading about how to help her with the transition.  We were worried that it would be a traumatic experience for her because, since she had only ever been allowed to have her pacifier in bed, bedtime had always been such a happy time. (I wish that we had captured on video the way she would just lunge out of our arms for her crib.)

One of the things that we learned about easing the transition is that it was important to introduce a lovey to help her feel secure in her bed each night.

Provided with a several choices of lovies, she quickly and happily chose a little white cat. The kitty isn’t allowed out of her room, as we thought keeping it there would make it special and would give her something to look forward to each night as we put her to bed. (Honestly, we were hoping for her to lunge for it as she had for her pacifier!)

When your child adopts a lovey, you are advised to buy two, just in case you ever lose one.

So, good little parents that we are, we did exactly that.  Here is Katie’s lovey, who she creatively named “White Kitty,” as it looked when we first bought it…

Super cute, right?

Katie loves this kitty … she has loved it so much, in fact, that this is what it looks like today…

And side by side, White Kitty with Replacement Kitty, you can’t help but notice that we’re in really big trouble.

What are the odds we’d be able to replace the kitty without Katie noticing?

So, my advice? When you buy a lovey, definitely buy two, but be sure to rotate them out!

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with one pristine lovey and one that looks like it’s been run over a bus.  Many times over.

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