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We floated

One, two…fourteen…twenty…thirty-seven stars.

We floated there, on our backs, quietly counting them.

Night after night before our wedding, hopping over the low fence in front of our room to float on our backs in the Caribbean Sea.

Craig’s fingers so close to mine, touching, yet not grasping.

Dark, but for a few twinkling lights in the restaurant.

Silent, but for our dreams, spoken there, as we were but buoys in the gentle water.

There is beauty in words spoken in the darkness…words carried by the air between us.

There in the darkness, his words, forever…happiness…promise.

Mine…echoed back, gratitude…love…always.

We floated there, in those calm, lapping waters and listened…to each other, to the water, to our hearts.

His fingers so close to mine, touching, yet not grasping.

Before our children, our world was filled with dreams, with hopes, with plans, with only each other.

We floated.

I love yous.

And, the stars faded before our eyes…


Then rain, so soft, it began as mist. So gentle, so quiet.

Eyes closed, silent smiles, and love.

We floated.

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The prompt for this week was “Water gives life. It also takes it away.”

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