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And all that it implied

As a child, there was a window of time when it was just my mother and me, a time when I was certain that I was the most important person in the world. My father had died four years prior and my mother and I were alone. Hand in hand, we faced all that that implied. Many nights, when neither of us could bear the thought of sleeping alone, we pulled the cushions off the black pleather sofa, one by one, stacked them against the wall, and pulled the foldaway bed from the sofa’s depths.… Continued

They won’t know…

If I close my eyes, I can remember it so clearly… Still mostly dark, the wind swirled the snow around, back up, around in circles, and then downward. A quick glance out of the frosty, single-paned window showed no sign of our car, our driveway … just a white blanket of peaks and valleys, peaceful under the break of dawn. As I climbed out of my warm bed, shimmied my feet into my slippers, and made my way down the long, straight staircase, I followed the unmistakable crackle of my mother’s search for a radio station that would offer an updated list of school closures.… Continued

A Tight Ship

I worked as a nanny before I had children and over the span of fifteen years, I cared for eleven children. Eleven gorgeous and loving children. I was hired for my no-nonsense ways. I was praised for the manners that I instilled in my charges and I was retained because I taught them to respect themselves and others. I knew how to get them to eat a variety of foods, how to nip sassiness in the bud.… Continued

Say That You’ll Be True…

When I was a young child, even younger than Katie is now, my mother would sometimes invite me into the living room to dance with her in the evenings after supper or on a lazy Saturday afternoon. She would choose our favorite album for dancing, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Chronicle. Ever so carefully, she would slide the large disc from its cardboard sleeve, leaving behind the white paper lining.… Continued

Never Far From the Door

I’ve struggled with anxiety for my entire life. Over the years, I’ve learned various methods for dealing with everything from basic unease to full-blown panic attacks. In my experience, the latter have been far easier to cope with.  They come and they are frightening and truly terrible, but then they pass and they eventually release their grip on me. The anxiety that latches on and slowly, but surely, nearly pulls me under, is the most difficult for me to overcome.… Continued

Reason #8 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

One of the greatest things about having a preschooler is that you get to help them make useless crafts that take you back to your own childhood when you made your own worthless crafts. This week, we made a completely useless craft lovely stained glass candle holders. To make your own useless craft lovely keepsake, here’s what you’ll need to collect from your recycling bin craft cabinet: empty and clean baby food jars pieces of cut up tissue paper in every color of the preschooler rainbow white school glue tea light or votive candle Step One: Have your overzealous preschooler smear their finger in the glue and rub it on the table, her arms, her legs, in her mouth, and in her hair the baby food jar.… Continued

Forever and Ever

Dear Katie and Matthew, I am writing to apologize to each of you for my complete lack of patience this afternoon.  I was tired, grumpy, and simply no fun to be with. I rushed you, was easily exasperated by you, and caught myself longing for bedtime more often than I care to admit. Today was not one of my finer parenting days.… Continued

Waiting and Willing

The humidity was thick and clung to my skin, pink from too much sun. My golden hair hung down my back, the undermost strands stuck to my skin, trapped in the baby fat folds of my neck. Humid, sticky summer afternoons meant Fla-Vor-Ice pops. There was a ritual to it, one that defined the summers of my early childhood. We waited while my mother took a kitchen knife and sliced of the top quarter of an inch of each pop.… Continued


After two terrible pregnancies, I want another baby. I’m certain that I am one of the worst pregnant women ever.  Morning sickness kicks in for me at 6 weeks and doesn’t stop raging until I give birth.  Not a mild, “my belly feels off” feeling, but rather an “I think I might die” all-day sickness. With both children, I was on anti-nausea medicine until they were born and still vomited often.… Continued

Where I’m From…

I am from steaming breakfasts of golden, crispy bird’s nests with magnificent runny yolks, from impossibly weak Maxwell House coffee and pre-dawn moments of true connection. I am from the salmony pink-shingled house on the corner, drafty, sunny, and melancholy. Three front steps, ever in need of fresh paint, slightly wobbly from the destructive frosting and heaving of the long and brutal winter.… Continued

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