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I’m Nichole, and in these small moments is my happy place. As the mother of two small children — who are growing faster than I ever dreamed possible — my life is all about the small moments. A chubby little hand grasping a cookie, the weight of a sleeping toddler on my chest, a tear running down a small cheek or a fit of laughter…these are the little moments that bring me joy.

I live in Northern California with my husband Craig who is truly the love of my life, and our two amazing children, Katie and Matthew.

I’ve worn many hats, from teaching college English to working in winery marketing to freelance editing and writing to producing and directing a live reading series.

Along the way, I’ve added tools from each of my endeavors and stored them in my handy bag of tricks that I now use over on Avery & Austin, a company that I cofounded in 2015 with my business partner, Cam Bowman. Together, we dream up playdate ideas, shop for supplies, snacks and gifts for moms and package and ship everything monthly.

Thank you for visiting in these small moments. I’ll grab the wine and cookies, please stay awhile.


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