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Christmas and Childhood

I often wonder what Katie and Matthew will carry into adulthood. Which memories will weave together to form their childhood as a whole? Will they remember pancake mornings or raspberries blown on their bellies? Will they remember us taking them for rides to look at the lights at Christmastime or the way we always tried to have a special gift under the tree that delighted them?… Continued

Sharing Childhood

My childhood was filled with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. They were a huge part of my world and I am ever grateful for that. But, our children are having an entirely different experience, as my whole family lives in Maine and Craig’s is spread over the West Coast, with his nearest relative nearly three hours away. Their grandparents and other relatives see only the photos that we email, put on Facebook, or print and mail.… Continued

Coloring Your Childhood

Dear Katie, You came downstairs today, earlier than I anticipated from quiet time, with paper in hand, eager to show me a picture you had drawn. And the joy in your face was more important than the fact that you had come downstairs far too early. Instead of sending you back upstairs until quiet time was officially over, I invited you to bring your new crayons downstairs to color with me.… Continued

Memories of Childhood and Home

It could have been thirty years ago, it could have been yesterday, the memories are that vivid.  You walked in the front door and to the right sat the living room.  The carpeting, red and black shag rug.  The furniture, black leather.  This is where I watched Gilligan’s Island reruns, waited for Santa every year, and where my mother would play Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Suzie Q” and dance with me for hours. … Continued

5 Things: A birthday letter to my daughter

Dear Katie, We just celebrated your fifth birthday, my sweet girl. Now that you’re getting older, I often wonder what you’ll remember about your childhood. Will you remember that your daddy and I decided to forgo the big birthday party in favor of spending the day celebrating you, just the four of us? Will you remember that you awoke to a bedroom filled with pink and light blue balloons?… Continued

Parenting with grace

I heard it long before I saw it. Bearing down on me, grumbling and rattling my entire bike. I felt my body go cold as I glanced over my left shoulder and saw the dump truck growing closer to me as I approached the top of the hill. In complete panic, I quickly turned of my handlebars and my front tire hit a patch of loose gravel and my seven-year old body was thrown through the air and into a massive, immovable tree trunk.… Continued

Reason #9 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

There’s something magical about the memories that are evoked through the sense of smell. Nothing transports me back in time quicker than a scent tied to memory. Yesterday, Katie and I used her new Easy Bake Oven for the first time and as I stood there in the kitchen with her, I was a little girl again. It’s amazing how so many things change, but some things always remain the same.… Continued

Reason #68 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

Katie is now reaching an age where she’s finally playing with toys that are fun for me too. Of course, playing with her before now was fun…it’s magical to watch your child enjoy and learn. But, let’s be honest. You can only play so many games of Chutes and Ladders. We’ve been playing with her Lite Brite lately and it’s amazing how many memories it spurs from my childhood.… Continued


My beautiful Katie, We had a rough morning last week. In a line that felt like it would go on for eternity, you counted floor tiles, jumping from foot to foot. “See me, Mommy?” Of course I saw you… Four steps forward, turn, and back to me and Matthew. Just as you grew weary of this game, another mother and her little girl got in line behind us.… Continued

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