Dear Katie,

Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl!

After wanting you for so long… after praying for you for so long… I’m still amazed each year, as we celebrate your special day, by just how lucky we are to have you in our lives.

Last night, before we tucked you in for bed, we talked about today. That your birthday coincided with dress up day at school made you simply giddy.

Then, this morning, as you carefully pulled your Cinderella dress over your head, I could see a little storm brewing in your mind. Your sweet grimace as you pulled the itchy fabric off your arms and away from your neck gave your thoughts away. You shifted, squirmed, scratched and finally looked up at me, locked eyes and said, “I’m not going to wear this after all. It itches me and I just know that it will bother me all day.”

I’ve spent the past week (or weeks, if I’m honest), wondering how it’s possible that you’re already seven…wondering where the years have gone and feeling terrified that the remainder of your time with us will slip through my fingers.

But this morning, as you changed out of your Cinderella dress and into your school uniform, I thought my heart might burst with pride. You are learning who you are… learning to think ahead… learning that it’s okay to not do what everyone else is doing.

You are learning that it’s just fine to be YOU.

As I held the cast off dress and watched you carefully zip up your plaid skirt and smooth your shirt collar, I realized that none of this… this privilege of being your mother…  is about keeping you small. It’s about bearing witness to you becoming the woman you will one day be.

And this morning, as you dug deep, I realized that you are indeed seven.

You are seven magical, smart, beautiful, fantastic, glorious years old.

And I’m so incredibly blessed to be here to watch you grow.

With a happy heart, filled with so much love for you,


letter on seventh birthday


  1. Sherri

    Sniff! She is an amazing little girl, and you are indeed one lucky mommy.

    Happy Birthday, dear Katie.

  2. molly

    So very beautiful! And so perfectly expressed! Happy birthday to Katie!! XOXO

  3. Leighann

    This, “is about keeping you small. It’s about bearing witness to you becoming the woman you will one day be”
    Is simply beautiful… and someting I need to remember as I raise my daughter.

  4. julie gardner

    Just lovely.
    The words.
    The girl.
    The year.


  5. I love these beautiful words to your daughter. They are lovely as you, and I hope she had a very happy birthday. Seven is an awesome year.

  6. Wonderful words from a loving Mother. Simply beautiful.

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