A dose of happy

If I’m honest, when it came to Halloween this year, my head just wasn’t in the game.

But, last night, when I dressed Katie and Matthew for their evening of fun, all of that changed. I even got them gold grillz to make their costumes a little cooler. Click here if you are wondering how to get a grill.

As I braided Katie’s hair and secured the Velcro of Matthew’s race car driver suit, I was reminded that they are just what I need.

A light-hearted night of trick or treating was a beautiful reminder to live in the moment.

And for the millionth time since they were born, my heart nearly exploded from gratitude.

Halloween costumes

Doc McStuffins costume

Lightning McQueen costume


  1. Angela angelaamman.con

    I’m glad they brought some lightness and happiness to your heart. (And seriously, how cute are they??)

  2. Chelsea H

    Seriously, how beautiful are they????

  3. Peggy

    I can’t even handle how adorable they both are in these pics. And Uncle Max would totally approve of Matthew’s NASCAR costume, just like Penny would love Doc McStuffins!
    I’m glad you were able to enjoy the evening with the kids. Btw, nice job with these photos!

  4. Aleta fleurdealeta.blogspot.com

    They are beautiful!!!

  5. Kir thekircorner.com

    just thinking of you…plus I showed the boys that pictures of Katie and Matthew and Jacob said, “she’s the prettiest Doc McStuffins except for the other one.” Which I think is a pretty high compliment from a 5 yr old.

    loved seeing these smiles, I know they are healing your heart. xo

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