Dear Katie,

We sat at brunch, chatting about the week ahead over our blueberry bagels, but we couldn’t help but overhear their joy.

Happiness has a way of carrying through the air, touching everyone within its reach.

She sat, with her maxi dress stretched across her growing belly, and spoke of all that was to come.

His sparkling eyes echoed her anticipation. His voice carried this new wonder that had become a part of their world.

The nursery… the tiny toes… the right toys, the perfect name.

Seven years ago, your daddy and I were enveloped in that same joyous anticipation.

We waited for you. We dreamed about you. We couldn’t wait until the day when we could hold you in our arms.

I wanted so desperately to approach the couple at brunch… to tell them that the moments with your first baby are everything they dream they’ll be. And so much more.

Because, my sweet girl, as much as I knew that I would adore you, I could have never imagined just how much magic you would bring to our lives.

little girl at playground

Thank you for gifting those months of anticipation to us and for every single moment of happiness you’ve brought us since.

Thank you for making us parents.

With a heart overflowing with love,



  1. Sherri

    Sniff! Such sweet words for an even sweeter girl…xo

  2. Tonya

    I *needed* to read this today.

    More than you will ever know.

    It is magical waiting and anticipating and dreaming for and about a new baby, a new life, a new heart to love and hand to hold.

    Thank you for this, Nichole. xoxo

  3. jill (mrschaos)

    Gah. And then they start 6th grade. I should just accept that I’m going to be crying all day.

  4. tracy@sellabitmum

    Beautiful. True. xoxo

  5. Aleta

    Ohh, beautiful post and beautiful girl!

  6. Kathleen

    So wonderfully written and so true too
    Thanks for so eloquently writing what so many of us moms feel

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