The past week has brought with it changes… changes that I didn’t feel quite ready for.

(Who am I kidding? I’m truly not a fan of change. Like ever.)

First there was the move from the crib to the toddler bed on Saturday for Matthew …

toddler bed, Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
toddler bed, Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

And yesterday brought big changes for Katie.

First came her first real haircut… 5 inches gone within 10 minutes.


Then, in the evening, before I had even completely wrapped my brain around how much a simple haircut aged her, she lost her first tooth.

First lost tooth

But that smile right there?

And Matthew’s sheer joy over being in a big boy bed?

Well, I’m going to tuck those memories away for when the next big changes come.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll greet them with more a bit more grace.

Because I’m starting to see how well they welcome change.

And how can I not be happy about that?


  1. Love this, Nichole! Such bittersweet changes… and get ready, because you know it’s just the beginning… and we are here with you for the lovely ride!

  2. Sherri


  3. Peggy

    So many firsts to look forward to, but don’t worry Mumma, you’ll get through it. Those two cute little faces will bring you lots of entertainment in the coming years.

  4. Kir

    oh my goodness
    well first, she looks beautiful, but yes, so grown up. I love Matthew’s bed, but Yes, SO GROWN up. #STOPSTOPSTOP

    I can’t believe the boys are going to Kindergarten in a month…I am in full denial. I just can’t believe that my babies are this grown up.

    SNIFF and HUGS.

  5. Aleta

    OMG! We have a lifetime crib too and when our baby goes to a toddler bed, I may break down and cry a little.

    What a precious picture!!

  6. Jessah

    I love that you’re documenting all of this. It will mean everything to your children when they are older. You’re a wonderful mom, Nichole!

  7. Jin Ai

    Such big changes and beautiful photos to remember them! I took photos of my kids’ first hair cuts too. And who can forget the first missing tooth? I’m in constant denial I think.

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