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After a spring filled with school activities, never-ending lunch packing and school drop off and pick up, work deadlines and dream-come-true projects, our family was truly counting the days until the school year finally came to a close so we could have things finally loosen up a bit.

And almost as soon as they did? We did the only thing we could possibly do; We packed our bags and ran off  to Dillon Beach for a long, much-needed weekend!

For three days, the four of us walked on the beach, stared at the sunset, soaked up the sun and piled into one big bed for snuggles and giggles.

It was exactly what we needed and an amazing way to set the tone for the entire summer ahead.

From the moment we arrived at the house, we were in love…

Dillon Beach vacation rental, Tide Pool, Tide Pool exterior, beach house

Matthew took his job of investigating the entire house very seriously…

Little boy

And while he was off exploring, I got lost in the kitchen. The fantastic, bright, well-appointed kitchen. Ahhh… bliss.

And by get lost, I mean I unpacked the wine I brought with me. See it, just to the left of the sink… by the Keurig (!!!)?

Dillon Beach vacation rental, Tide Pool Kitchen

Oh look.. and another bottle just there to the right of the amazing stove.

Dillon Beach Vacation Rental, Tide Pool

Katie went in search of the perfect room. First she liked this one, but…

Dillon Beach vacation rental

… then she saw this one and settled in and staked her claim.

Tide Pool, Dillon Beach

But, let’s be real. We didn’t go to the beach to hang out inside. We quickly headed outside to enjoy the deck.

girl at beach

It’s safe to say that Allie didn’t hate the beach…Double Doodle, Golden Doodle, Labradoodle, North American Retriever

And this smile? Oh, that one came from so deep inside.

girl at beach

Removed from friends, schedules and everything else that goes along with our normal, crazy routine, Katie and Matthew reconnected with one another in a way that left their parents a little bit choked up and a whole lot grateful.


The kids were so excited to see this guy as we were hanging out on the deck.

doe, deer, dillon beach

One of the lovely things about a weekend away is there’s plenty of time for playing with oversized checkers and hanging out on the couch (a super cozy couch, I might add!).

Dillon Beach Vacation Rental, Tide PoolDillon Beach Vacation Rental, Tide Pool

little girl

And who doesn’t love a good sunset?

Sunset Dillon Beach

Tide Pool view, Dillon Beach view, Dillon Beach Rental

While we have a no-sugar breakfast cereal policy at home, all bets are off when we’re on vacation. Matthew, allow me to introduce you to Fruit Loops! (Yes, that’s fantastic bed head.)

boy eating breakfast

If I could wake up to this view every day, I would never get any work done.

Tide Pool view, Dillon Beach view, Dillon Beach Rental

While the kids napped, I took advantage of the lack of wifi and reread one of my favorite books (Elevate the Everyday by Tracey Clark).

Elevate the Everyday

There’s nothing better than the beach for bringing a family back together, I’m certain of it. Maybe it’s the peaceful sound of the waves? The lack of shoes and schedules?

Dillon Beach sunset girl on beach

And the best way to cap off a day in the sand is an evening in the tub. With a view. Seriously, do you see that view?

beach house with view, bathroom with view beach house with view, bathroom with view

I can’t say enough about how much fun we had and how much good it did for our souls to escape for the weekend.

If you’re ever headed to Dillon Beach for vacation, I highly recommend Dillon Beach Property Management. We stayed at The Tide Pool, but they have so many great houses from which to choose.  


  1. Laura

    What a gorgeous place! It looks like you had a perfect weekend vacation with your family. So glad to see pictures! I hope you can make it back.

  2. Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    Looks like a wonderful, relaxing getaway! There is something about recharging at the beach.

  3. Kir

    that was one gorgeous house and one wonderful, soul healing, heart warming vacation. Anytime you spend near the ocean is time well spent. Plus your babies are growing up and sooo beautiful.

    HAPPY SUMMER my friend.

  4. angela

    Next time you might find me in your suitcase. Doesn’t every family vacation need a dog walker or something like that? :)

    It looks lovely, and I’m glad you had the chance to recharge your batteries.

  5. Diane

    Beautiful house. I love the beach as well.

  6. gigi

    We vacationed in Dillon Beach the last time we actually vacationed…right before we moved back to CA. It was the isolation of that place and reconnecting as a family that helped us make our decision to move. The place we rented didn’t have internet access (we were down closer to the beach v. on the hill) and it was amazing to unplug. Probably our favorite family vacation of all time.

  7. Aleta

    WOW!!! I LOVE the house and the location! If ever we go there, I’d definitely want to stay at that place. Awesome pictures – but my favorite, the one with your children facing each other through the glass door – very sweet.

  8. Rachael Alsbury

    Good to know! I have been to Dillon a couple of times, but I’m always unsure of where to stay! Beautiful. Makes me want to pack up and go!

  9. Bridgette

    You and your family always make me swoon. Just beautiful.

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