Around tables that formed a rectangle, we sat, fidgeting with our papers, our anticipation and trepidation palpable.

We knew so very little about one another then.

One by one, we read our words, each exposing one small, yet telling piece of who we are.

One beautiful, vulnerable piece of who we are.

Each piece stood on it’s own, but merged together to tell a larger story… the 2012 Listen to Your Mother, San Francisco story.

Being a part of that cast is one of the greatest joys of my life… a treasure that I hold most dear.

And tomorrow, I will walk into a room, not unlike that room in San Francisco, and greet a new LTYM cast. The Sacramento cast.

Over the past week, my mind has wandered back to last year. I’ve been swept up in memories of an experience that I’ve always struggled to find words to adequately explain.

Magic. Pure and simple magic.

But now I feel the tremendous weight of that magic. Can we recreate that here in Sacramento? Will the cast walk away from tomorrow’s table read with a sense of awe the way I did last year at this time? Will they feel alive in a way they’ve never felt before?

Will they walk away knowing that they will be tethered to their cast mates for always?

When I am still, I know they will. I know that the joy of LTYM will climb into their souls and change them in a way that they’ll one day struggle to explain, just as I do. Because that is what LTYM does.

So tonight, I’m taking deep breaths.

I’m trusting the process.

Because I know that the stories they will share tomorrow will be tucked away in their hearts and they will carry those words with them for always.

And for that, I am so incredibly grateful.


  1. I know there will be magic. KNOW. I wish I could be a fly on the wall, but know I am sending you every bit of love and magic vibe possible.

  2. Sherri

    Absolutely perfect.

    And each and every one of them will carry this feeling forward. Because you are letting their words be heard…one story at a time.

    Love you, sweet friend…

  3. I wish that I could take part in that magic. I really do. It’s a very blessed opportunity. Go and steal it :)

  4. I love following along on the progress of this project. I love that your heart and soul is in it and I am sure it will only continue to bless you and those involved…as well as those who come and listen to the stories. You are amazing.

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