Treasures within

I’ve always envied those families who begin each December with a fresh Advent calendar.

There’s something magical about knowing that behind every tiny door, a lovely treasure waits just for you.

We never had an Advent calendar when I was a child and I’ve toyed with the idea of introducing one to our family, but somehow, adopting new holiday traditions as an adult feels too much like trying on someone else’s shoes. Though they may be pretty, they simply feel strange.

But, last month, sitting in my inbox was a treasure not unlike a treat behind a Advent calendar door.

Our first Listen to Your Mother, Sacramento submission sat there, just waiting to be opened.

Since then, I have had the joy of opening door after door and seeing the beautiful presents hidden within.

Stories of motherhood.

Stories of joy… of heartache… of hope.

Treasures behind every door.

To each of the amazing writers who have submitted a piece for consideration in the LTYM, Sacramento show, I am so incredibly grateful.

Thank you for sharing your words.

Thank you for being brave and vulnerable and for trusting in the Listen to Your Mother process.

I’ve read each piece through no fewer than three times.

I’ve cried and laughed and carried your words with me.

Margaret and I have texted, gChatted and emailed each other daily with joy and excitement.

We’ll meet this weekend to spread your treasures before us as we plan for auditions.

And we will be eternally grateful.


  1. Galit Breen

    Le sigh.

    *This* is so the magic of LTYM!


  2. Sherri

    Yay! I am SO excited for you to bring together an amazing cast of women and experience this all over again for yourself. Being in the SF cast with you and all the other wonderful ladies — and Andre! — was a highlight of my writing life.

  3. Ann

    Perfect metaphor, perfect post. Thank you!!

  4. Elaine A.

    Wow. How wonderful for you to have the opportunity to do this! Good luck!! ;-)

  5. angela

    And not for the first time, I wish I lived close enough to be in your physical orbit :) You and Margaret are gifts to LTYM, in part because you realize what a gift the show can be to others.

  6. Peggy

    How nice is it that you get to share the experiences with all the other moms. I’m sure no two stories alike.
    Messages that you will carry along with you longer than those mothers realize.
    I’m so happy for you .

  7. Aleta

    This is the first time reading about LTYM and it sounds like a blessing!

  8. Liz Raptis Picco

    Your post was a shot in the arm! I’m auditioning in SF in early March and reading an excerpt from my memoir, Stretch Marks. I’m finding that reading my piece out loud requires a different type of editing to make my piece come alive. It’s also been helpful to watchTYM readings from past years. Any other tips? Again, thanks!

  9. Tonya

    I love this. I love how much you are enjoying the process, your partner and how committed and honored you are to be a part of such an amazing show.

    We trust you with our our words.

    I’m sure no two stories are alike.

    I am on pins and needles!! Truly.


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