Shiny and new

Earlier this month, I was whining talking with my friend Cam about how much I wanted my blog to look like hers. It’s clean, well thought out and pretty. So very pretty.

The only problem? Doug Bowman, her brilliant designer, is more than a little busy… you know, with his day job. And being Cam’s husband and father to their two gorgeous girls. You know, stuff like that.

But once I stopped complaining, she said she thought she might be able to convince him to consider it.

And, friends? He agreed to create a space for me that meets my current needs and allows me room to grow.

And on top of all of that? It’s really lovely.

He took my list of vague descriptors — clean, lots of white space, cohesive, easy to navigate and pretty and worked his magic.

I’m in love with all that he’s done here and I’m still uncovering little gems he’s spread across the site.

Doug incorporated so many elements that came together to give this design real meaning. See that little group of circles up there in my header? Those represent each member of my family. They overlap and are inseparable from one other, yet also flow independently.

Sigh. Doug gets me. He really gets me.

Thank you for coming by and peeking at Doug’s design. Can you hear me squeeing from there?

And to Doug… thank you a million times over. You were amazing to work with and I’ll never forget how intuitive, patient and creative you were through this process. I love my new space and I can’t wait to spread out and get cozy.


  1. Crissy Page

    I love the design, it’s light, pretty, and delicate. Congrats! I know that I always love writing in a freshly designed space!

  2. Cam

    Yay! So glad you like it!

  3. brandy b.

    good for you! looks lovely. i’ve sought quotes from FIVE (5) different web designers and have not heard back from a single one. you’re a lucky lady for many reasons!

  4. Laura

    Absolutely perfect!!!

  5. Leigh Ann

    It’s beautiful! Loving all the white space and the color palette.

  6. Galit Breen

    Oh Nichole, it’s lovely.

    Truly, truly lovely.

    Congrats! Can’t wait to read your beautiful words in your new beautiful space!



    So fresh and clean and new. I can practically SMELL how fresh it is (and I’m not being sarcastic – I totally mean that).

    Hopefully inspires more and more gorgeous writing from you!



  8. Sherri

    So beautiful and clean and shiny!

    He DOES get you….

  9. Stacey

    So very pretty! I am contemplating a redesign on mine. I’ve sort of started, but still needs some tweaking. Yours is so clean and fresh! Love it!

  10. Abigail

    Oh my goodness I LOVE it. Absolutely gorgeous.

  11. Susan Cooper

    Very nicely done. I forward to what you do next … :). Happy Year to you and yours. :)

  12. Susan Cooper

    I meant “look forward” and “Happy New Year”… Shish I hate being dyslectic at times.

  13. Anne Parris

    It looks great from my tablet. Love the colors and the clean design.

  14. Sharon O

    I have been thinking of that too, but not sure who to work with and have little budget. right now I use blogger.

  15. Aleta

    VERY classy design!! Love it and love the meaning of the circles intertwined.

  16. tracy@sellabitmum

    Oh I love it so much!!!

  17. It looks beautiful!

  18. Suz

    I love the new look!!

  19. Liz Raptis Picco

    A bright and soft new look for 2013–Congratulations!!!

  20. Looooove. It’s gorgeous! I’m in the midst of doing something similar. (Should be done tonight actually = eeeeee!)

  21. Rachel Voorhees


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