Kindergarten Eve

Dear Katie,pedipeds, mary jane shoes, school uniform shoes, black little girl shoes, black shoes

I just said my goodnights to you, blew kisses and closed your bedroom door.

Tomorrow when you wake up, you will be a kindergartener.

And it will take everything I have in me to bring you to school…to hand you over to kindergarten, this new experience that feels like it is taking you from me.

But I will smile as I help you get settled in your classroom and wish you a wonderful day because I know that’s what you need most from me.

I’m certain that you will thrive.

I’ve watched you gain confidence and trust yourself.

And in time, I will find my way too.

You have both softened me and strengthened me.

You’ve made me hold on tighter while also learning to let go.

Thank you for these past five years…for the moments, the days, the years.

My time with you has been an absolute gift, Katie.

With so very much love,



  1. Sherri

    Oh, this is both heartbreaking and lovely…you know this is a good thing, but you can still mourn the little girl who goes to Big Girl School. I guarantee when she comes home, that little girl comes back.

  2. galitbreen


    Happy kindergarten eve to you both.

    {I hope tomorrow sparkles.}

  3. Trust me when I say, I am totally feeling what you are feeling tonight… my triplets become kindergarteners in the morning.

  4. Laura

    Be still, my heart. You are an amazing mommy and she's a special girl. It will be wonderful. (But when you're crying tomorrow, call or text me. I was there a week ago. :) )

  5. Wow – I thought my daughter's school was the only one locally still on the traditional schedule, but you guys are right there with us. All the older kids seem to have started 2-3 weeks ago. My daughter starts preschool this Wednesday – it's less bittersweet for me since it's part-time and we get to go too (parent participation)! I understand what you are going through – good luck!

  6. tracy@sellabitmum

    Happy Kindergarten day to Katie. So bittersweet and beautiful. It's such an amazing journey we all take with these littles. xo

  7. Natalie

    It is such a bittersweet moment as mothers to watch our babies grow up. It seems to happen over night in front of our very eyes.
    We want them to gain confidence and become amazing young people, but also to stay our sweet little people at the same time.
    Last year, I sent my baby off to kindergarten (where she charmed every teacher in the building) and my oldest off to high school. It was so very difficult helping them spread their wings, but so worth it when they come home excited about their day.

  8. angela

    I'm not here yet, but I am sending my love to you. She is going to thrive, and she's going to do it because she has your smile and your arms to come home to after school. (You can tell her about the tears that came after drop-off much, much later in her life.) xoxo

  9. Will you record her babble in the car coming home? Seriously, I can hear her little voice in my head and I want to hear all about her day!

    And yes, this bittersweet reality is on my horizon. Can we hug?

  10. I think that letting our kids venture off to school is always harder on us as parents than on them. Can't wait to hear how she (and you) do with the big transition!!

  11. Yuliya

    You made it! And so did she! Happy to hear that both of you have reached this (bitter)sweet milestone.

  12. Jaime

    Amazing! I wrote a post on the night of September 3rd and called it the exact same thing! It about broke my heart to put her on that school bus. I cried the whole walk home. This parenting thing is pretty tough sometimes. I hope Katie (and you) had an awesome first day.

  13. Tonya

    This is beautiful and I know Katie will treasure i someday. Wishing your sweet little girl (and you and Craig) an amazing first week of kindergarten!

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