This morning we fell in love…

After weeks and weeks and weeks of waiting, we finally met our new puppy today.

She is simply divine…and we are head over heels in love.

Read more about our double doodle >>


double doodle puppy, north american retriever

double doodle, north american retriever

double doodle puppy, north american retriever puppy

double doodle puppy, north american retriever puppy

double doodle puppies, north american retriever puppies, apricot doodle

double doodle puppy, north american retriever

If you’d like more information about Double Doodles, Labradoodles or Goldendoodles, I can’t recommend our breeder, Sierra Vista Labradoodles strongly enough. They continue to impress us with their knowledge, responsiveness, professionalism and kindness. You can see current litters by visiting their puppy page.


  1. Yuliya

    And what great photos of your new love!

  2. Laura

    Absolutely precious. She is one cute puppy!!! And that darling little face? Will be her saving grace when you're cleaning up puddles of pee and piles and, well, stuff. ;) xo

  3. Peggy

    I'm dieing from the cuteness. She looks just like a little teddy bear! I would love her too!

  4. angela

    So, so cute! I have a little crush on her, and I'm just seeing photos and not getting snuggles! Enjoy your new sweetie.

  5. Ah lucky you. When we got our first dog someone suggested take lots of pictures – they grow so fast. Now when I look back on our puppy pictures I wish there were more – so I am giving you the same advice. Take lots of pictures they grow so fast.

  6. Oh…my…heart.
    I think that I just met my quota of cute for the month.

  7. findingourwaynow

    AHHH!!!! so cute. I can see why you have fallen in love.

  8. thisismynewmoon

    See, I would totally get a dog if they'd stay that size right there. I do not like big dogs, but i don't want a yappy purse dog.

  9. I want to come over and play with that cute little ball of adorable.

  10. tracy@sellabitmum

    Oh my word, so cute!

  11. Tonya

    Oh my heart. What a doll. Have fun and best of luck. Trust me, you're going to need it. :)

  12. Jessica (@jessbwatson)

    Oh my goodness, adorable!

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