Watery joy

joy  n. \joi\
a. Intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness.
b. The expression or manifestation of such feeling.

bathtub ducky, rubber ducky

Take two delicious kids, a tub filled with water, a stray rubber duck and a box of bathtub crayons and you have a tub filled with joy.

Life should always be this simple.


  1. ksluiter

    I TOTALLY just bought those bathtub crayons for eddie as a potty training prize! He hasn't earned them yet and it's SO hard to not just give them to him so I can watch him color the tub!

    LOVE the photos, Nichole! So great!

  2. Co-Pilot Mom copilotmom.com

    They look like they are enjoying creating art in the tub. Beautiful photos!

  3. Angela angelaamman.com

    Your photos are getting better and better! Beautiful.

  4. Leigh Ann genieinablog.com

    Bath crayons are one of the best inventions ever! Beautiful.

  5. Sherri

    Oh, my heart…those kids kill me. The lashes, the happy expressions…they are dreamy!

    And TUB CRAYONS?? They would have been so awesome back in the day! Maybe I will get some for myself?

  6. findingourwaynow

    AHHH!!! That brings back a rush of memories. I LOVE the pictures. Thanks for brightening my day. :-)

  7. BalancingMama-Julie

    So cute. We love those crayons!

  8. Nancy Collin easyrest.com/

    So cute and lovely

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