All in love with allParenting

allParentingSo, for the past couple of months, I’ve been dying to share a secret with you.

No, we’re not pregnant yet. (I know, right!?)

But I do have a new baby, of sorts.

And that new baby is allParenting, a new online magazine for moms—the product of many talented women (and a few men) and many months of their hard work.

allParenting, from the publishers of SheKnows, provides timely, helpful information to help moms live a healthy, joyful, well-balanced family life, all delivered in an oh-so-pretty format.

So what will I be writing for allParenting? Well, for starters, I’ll have a weekly column called Small Joys, wherein I’ll share with you, well, the small things that bring me joy.

You will also find me writing in other areas across the site. To easily find my work, you can visit my author page or subscribe for my allParenting rss feed.

One of the most important reasons why I jumped at the chance to be a part of the allParenting team is the positive, upbeat, empowering nature of the site. Writing for a place that leaves women feeling strong, happy, and uplifted is a great feeling.

I am overjoyed to be working with an incredibly talented team of writers and editors who each inspire me in their own way. Within moments of visiting the site you’ll see what I mean by crazy talent!

None of this would be a reality if it wasn’t for Laura Willard, my friend and editor at SheKnows, who saw something in me that I didn’t even see. She changed my life in a very real and important way and I will spend the rest of my days thanking her for believing in me and for opening doors that I never even dreamed possible. I am ever grateful for her guidance and encouragement. (Love you, Laura!)

I’d also like to thank my friend, Yuliya, from she suggests, who took my head shots for allParenting. That woman can work some photographic magic, I tell you.

Please follow me over to allParenting to see why I am so incredibly in love with the site. Some of my favorite pieces that I’ve written there so far are:

You can also find allParenting on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

And while you’re over on allParenting, marveling at just how fabulous it is, it would mean the world if you would click the follow box beside my photo so it looks like a have a few friends. :)

Thank you and I’ll see you over there!


  1. Devan McGuinness

    So happy for you Nichole! & like I said before, they are SO lucky to have you.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Krista

    This is fantastic! Excited to check out the site. So far it looks like I could spend hours there!

  4. ksluiter

    so proud of you, friend. I feel like you have wonderful writing news monthly! Yay!

  5. Laura

    YOU are an incredibly talented, gifted (I know those mean the same thing), kind, and loving person with so much to share. I will always be so grateful that you said "yes" when I asked if you were interested in writing for SK. And beyond the incredible talent and voice you give the site, *I* am lucky to know you and work with you and call you a friend now. xo

  6. Sherri

    So very proud of you, and I "think" I clicked and became your friend but I don't trust the iPad…going back again!

  7. Alison@Mama Wants This

    Congratulations, Nichole! So well deserved.

  8. Jenni Chiu

    Oh this is very exciting. Congratulations, lady… and to the lovely Laura Willard for snagging you! :) I think I shall pay the site many visits.

  9. Jessica D Torres

    So very excited that you are involved with this!

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