Practicing what I preach

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep, I had big plans to write a post today to recap the past year, my second year of blogging.

I thought that this afternoon I would sit down and share my thoughts with you, but today got away from me.

Craig, Katie, Matthew, and I ran a 5K this morning. Well, Craig ran a 5K, if I’m honest. I did more than my share of walking.

Then, our almost-five-year-old-not-a-baby-anymore girl ran her first race. I thought my heart might explode when I saw her face, beaming with pride, after she crossed the finish line. (Katie comes into view in this video about 46 seconds in.)

Once we got home and cleaned up, we tucked an exhausted Matthew in for his nap, swept Katie off to our bed and snuggled with her. We talked, tickled, and laughed and I’d be hard pressed to tell you which of us felt more joy in those stolen moments.

When Matthew woke up, we all piled onto the couch in a heap of pillows, blankets, and happiness.

So, instead of writing about the small moments over the past year, we were creating new ones.

And that’s what it’s all about.

Thank you so much for reading my words here. It’s been a lovely two years. xo

And a special thank you to my friend, Lizz, who left me a lovely blogiversary gift on her blog today. Please go stop by if you have a moment.


  1. Tonya

    Perfect! Sending you much love.

  2. galitbreen

    That is, indeed, what it's all about.

    Happy two year, first 5K, and lovely mothering moment to you!

  3. I love this. Of course the best way to celebrate is to just be with your family. Happy two years. xo

  4. Amber

    Amazing! That is so awesome! So happy for all of you, and so proud for your little one! This almost 28yr old is running her first 5k on 5.12.12, and I am not at all prepared!

  5. So awesome. It really is the precious small moments that mean the most. Thank you. Love it!

  6. angela

    I love the way you celebrated; what a perfect tribute to your space to spend your day enjoying the ones you hold closest in your heart.

  7. Sherri

    Oh, you know I love this…some of my very favorite people there, enjoying each other.

    That right there is what it’s all about. Happy Blogiversary, sweet friend…xoxo

  8. Happy annoversary! And you're right, it's the now that counts ;)

  9. Marian

    happy blog birthday, nichole! yay!
    i remembered that our blogs are the same age, mine turns two next week.
    and yay! to finishing that 5K. your kids are so big and beautiful.
    it's true what they told us when they were tiny, they get better and better.

  10. Alison@Mama Wants This

    Happy 2 years, Nichole! I love your perspective – making more memories and small moments in celebration.

  11. Sharon O

    Good job on the blog and also on the exercise. You won't be sorry years from now if you keep the movement going, it is hard but believe me it will pay off in good things.
    Precious pictures of famly. too

  12. Rachel

    Perfection. #ThatIsAll


  13. julie gardner

    What better way to celebrate two years than adorable pictures, family-centered words, a little bit of running and a header of cupcakes?

    Keep snuggling.
    Keep finding the joy.

    And congratulations. On all of it.

  14. ksluiter

    first? YAY for the 5K! walking it is still DOING it and I am proud of you (I may have walked a 5K too.)

    Also, two years? I feel like you've been here longer than that because I can't imagine my "bloggy" life without you, friend! Congrats!

  15. Jessica D Torres

    Happy 2 years!

    Practicing what you preach is the most important thing. Keep creating new small moments.

  16. Mama, Hear Me Roar

    Wow, 5K as a family!
    Keep on with the moments! I'm encouraged.

  17. Kir

    Yes!!!!! Oh yes my friend, it's so important to know that your life is offline..and the better it is, the better this space becomes of it. The pictures of all of you made me smile!!!! So glad I'm a part of your world!

  18. Brittany

    That is awesome! I was wondering if Sophia, who is 5, could do something like that and now I know! Happy 2 years! I love all these moments you share :)

  19. Happy blogoversary – and hope that next time i get to see you in person … we have a little more time xxx

  20. Kelly Tirman

    Beautiful post.

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