Dusting off the cobwebs

Okay, if you’ll excuse me for a minute, I’ll dust off these cobwebs.


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and I’ve missed all of you and this little space of mine.

What have we been doing?

Well,ย I’ve been happily writing my tail off over at SheKnows and I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to be a part of that amazing team.

I’ve had the chance to write about decluttering, getting kids started with gardening, and why it’s important to show our kids our joy.

I’ve also shared some suggestions for great photos to take of your kids this spring, raising compassionate children,ย andย helping your daughter build strong self-esteem.

Katie has been thrilled to help me with some of the projects I’ve shared on SheKnows, like the bowl we made from buttons and the (light blue!) bath bombs.

And yesterday, I shared where things stand with us and our ongoing battle with infertility.

If you’d like to see what else I’ve been writing about, here’s my author page. ๐Ÿ™‚

What else?

We’ve been navigating the kindergarten waters and we’ve found a school that we all love. We may not actually be able to let her go this fall, but theoretically, she’ll be starting this year. Gulp.

Matthew continues to charm me daily and I’m quite positive that I couldn’t possibly be more under his spell.

I mean, seriously, look at this kid…

Craig ran in a race on Sunday, then came home and signed us up for another in two short weeks. I’m having his sanity tested, don’t worry.

Katie will actually be running her first race that day and she’s so excited about it.

Speaking of Katie, she gets more outgoing and brave every day.

I never thought she’d willingly do something like this:

I just wrapped up a huge project on Saturday that I’ll be able to tell you more about in a couple of weeks, but what it means for right now is that I’ll have more time to spend here on itsm, which makes me giddy.

Thanks for your patience with me and for coming back to check in on me from time to time. xo

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  1. twertman

    I have been neglecting my own blog lately to, so I understand about the cobwebs. I LOVE your contributions at SheKnows and they are lucky to have you.

    Matthew is beguiling. He is out growing his baby face. Love him. And Katie is equally amazing. Zip lining? Wow! Wish you lived closer so our children could play together. xoxo

  2. Laura anuncommonfamily.com

    My blog has withered and died. I attempted a comeback the other day. I'm hoping to get crazy and post a second time this week. I'm glad you're posting again! In these days with zero time, I check on just a few blogs and yours is one. xo

  3. Angela angelaamman.com

    I love your words everywhere I can find them, but I am happy to see you back here ๐Ÿ™‚ Abbey is dying to do gymnastics again, but I don't see her being that brave for a while!

    And yay for a race! You know I'm a running pusher…

  4. Cameron camerondgarriepy.com


    Missed you.

    That is all.

  5. Sherri

    Love what you've done with the place…cobwebs gone, cookies on a plate.__Welcome back to the land of blog. Now excuse me while I go finalize my cobweb post!

  6. Kir

    Hi sweets! So nice to see YOU in my inbox. I have been reading you at SheKnows and love that you have that opportunity. That picture of Matthew is jjust precious…and as always I am thinking of you and praying for you as you fight the infertility monsters. My heart is with yours. Xo

  7. katie sluiternation.com

    I miss you like whoa. just so you know.

    also? I am so proud of all you are doing. just so you know that too.

  8. Well for the record, I missed your face.

  9. Susan findingourwaynow.com

    Love the cobweb analogy. Writing for SheKnows and for your own blog can a bit challenging. That said, I just know you will find a way to make it all work. Thanks for being you, ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. julie gardner juliecgardner.com

    I've never seen cobwebs here.
    Not even in your corners.

    Just beautiful words in between space and time.

  11. Elizabeth mommonsense.com

    Welcome home! =)
    Thank you for sharing your author page because I just can't keep up with you, busy lady!
    Absolutely love the picture of Matthew and of course you're under a spell…just look at those eyes!
    And love the little video of Katie…how fun!

  12. Rachel rachelvoorhees.com

    LOVE the new header! And don't feel bad, my blog is covered in cobwebs too!

  13. Jessica fourplusanangel.com

    Love to see you in this space, your header makes me hungry and? If you find a way to enroll yourself in kindergarten with Katie let me know ;). xo

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