1. twertman

    Oh, those lashes and little piggies. :)

  2. angela angelaamman.com

    Little toes. Nothing better :)

  3. Yuliya shesuggests.com


  4. Cameron camerondgarriepy.com

    Love the little feet!

  5. AHHH!!! how cute. :-), <a herf="http://www.findingourwaynow.com/">Susan Cooper

  6. Abigail skymommy.com

    How do you get anything done with those chubby cheeks to kiss and those little piggies to nibble?

  7. Elizabeth mommonsense.com

    I am a total sucker for long lashes and baby feet! Makes me just want to give him a squeeze! =)

  8. Sherri

    Oh! He is such a doll…and not so little all of a sudden. Sigh…

  9. Peggy

    I am melting. Such a beautiful boy. Such a fun age!

  10. MomMakiss

    If lashes could speak!! Killer lashes!

  11. Feet shots are the best.
    Me love little chubby feet ;)

  12. John daddyrunsalot.com

    How do you not eat those tootsies?

  13. And he's sitting still so well because he has an IPAD IN HIS LAP! Cheater.

  14. Also Adorbs!
    (Why does your comment widget always cuts off comment?)

  15. Kir

    Ooooh baby toes, I swear it's one of my favorite pictures of any of our babies. Cute and then remind that they carry them through the world..and I get sentimental and weepy. (typical right?)

    Love it!!! Xo

  16. BalancingMama balancingmama.com

    Oh, that little feet photo is amazing! Love, love, love that.

  17. julie gardner juliecgardner.com

    I know people are commenting on the toes (duh) and the lashes (obviously) but I oh those little lips…slightly pursed, full of concentration.

    I can practically hear his heart speaking through them.

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