Friendship, gratitude and the moments that matter

There are some people on whom you know you can always lean.

They are there when you’re feeling a bit lost, when you need a smile, when you’re stuck, or when you simply want to share a bit of happy news.

My friend Ashley is one of those amazing friends.

I am so lucky to have her in my life.

And I’m honored to be kicking off her new guest series, Porch Swing Stories.

Here’s how Ashley describes her new series…

What will these posts entail? Love. Laughter. Sadness. Memories. Those moments of pure reflection, the moments when something was realized. The moments that only come to you in a time of clarity and reflection… such as those on my front porch swing.

What a wonderful series to be a part of!

Please come visit me over on My Front Porch Swing, where I’m sharing a moment of realization…a moment that I hope to keep in mind for years to come.

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  1. Megan -Best of Fates

    What a glorious names – brings all kind of good feelings to mind!

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