Reason #9 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

easy bake ovenThere’s something magical about the memories that are evoked through the sense of smell.

Nothing transports me back in time quicker than a scent tied to memory.

Yesterday, Katie and I used her new Easy Bake Oven for the first time and as I stood there in the kitchen with her, I was a little girl again.

It’s amazing how so many things change, but some things always remain the same.

The smell of the baking mix and frosting are exactly the way I remember them.

As I assumed my role as Katie’s helper, my mind travelled back to my childhood, with my mother by my side as I stirred, baked, frosted, and sprinkled.

Being a mother to a little girl is such a gift.

Katie brings such tremendous joy to my life, just as Matthew does, but she also allows me to relive some of the happiest moments of my own childhood.

And that is an amazing gift.

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  1. Alison l MWT

    That's wonderful Nichole! I can just imagine in 20 years time, Katie talking about her memories of baking with her mom 🙂

  2. Sherri

    I loved my Easy Bake oven as a child! I love coloring, play doh, and cutting snowflakes with the kids…

  3. Cate

    My in-laws bought my daughter The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends for Christmas…the early-90s versions that aired on BBC. I watched them as a child and adored them, and it made me so happy to share them with my daughter. I feel the same way when we read beloved books from my childhood together.

  4. Amy

    I love creating happy memories with my kids, they are three and seven, it is such a fun and special time in their lives! I love spending time in the kitchen with my girls; I haven't thought about easy bake oven in years! I think my oldest is now old enough…thank you for the reminder.

  5. Jessica

    I loved my Easy Bake Oven too but I have to know if what you made actually tasted good. I'm not sure I remember that happening. There are so many things that remind me of my childhood. I think seeing my kids interact transports me back the most, reminding me of what life was like with my siblings.

  6. John

    My sister had an easy-bake oven . . . but I don't recall anything coming out of it looking remarkably close to "edible."

    Still, I love this as a mother/daughter activity . . . I, seriously, can't wait for tasks to share with my kids from my own childhood 🙂

  7. Evonne

    I didn't have an Easy Bake Oven growing up, but I do love helping my kids use the one they have.

    When I was little, my mom used to read my stories from a Winnie the Pooh book, Now We Are Six. As I grew older I wold read it to myself. I loved reading it to my kids. The book is 50+ years old and not in good shape now. I would love to replace it so my kids can share with their own kids some day.

  8. I need to have a girl so that I can play…errr…I mean WE can play with an Easy Bake oven.
    My boy is all boy and loves his cars. I do make a mean race track though 😉

  9. katie

    I never had an Easy Bake. I had a Holly Hobby version that my mom never let me play with for real. I had to "pretend" to bake with it. What super fun memories you are making with Katie!

  10. Lori

    *sigh* Little boys had NO interest in Easy Bake Ovens.


    Also, your photography is becoming AMAZING.

  11. Building forts and tents in the living room using every single sheet, blanket, and pillow we can find. Taking a nap in the fort/tent with my babies is WAY more magical and special than I could've ever imagined. 🙂

  12. Lindsay

    Easy Bake Ovens!! Ohhhh I'll never get to play with one… 🙁 Unless, of course, I borrow one of my friends' little girls for a spell… hmmmm.
    Watching Looney Tunes with my boys on Saturday mornings takes me back back back… to a time when the only time to watch cartoons was Saturday mornings!!! None of this 24 hour cartoon network mumbo jumbo 🙂

  13. OMG!!! I need to get Sadie an Easy Bake Oven!!!! Her birthday is February! Now I know what to get!

  14. Tonya

    I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven. It looks as fun to me now at 39 as it did to me then at 6.

  15. Jessica D Torres

    It's so great for Katie that you are playing with her and giving her wonderful memories for when she becomes a mom.

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