Reason #68 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

Katie is now reaching an age where she’s finally playing with toys that are fun for me too.

Of course, playing with her before now was fun…it’s magical to watch your child enjoy and learn.

But, let’s be honest. You can only play so many games of Chutes and Ladders. 

We’ve been playing with her Lite Brite lately and it’s amazing how many memories it spurs from my childhood.

I love the delayed gratification of Lite Brite…the way the insertion of each colored peg brings you closer to the final, beautiful end.

Seeing her find joy in the same things that I loved as a child is such an amazing experience.

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  1. Leigh Ann

    Lite Brite! I can't wait! I love that my girls actually get into crafts now. Until one of them throws a fit because I won't let her have 100% control over the glue. 🙂

  2. Jessica D Torres

    My oldest has one of these toys. I had to control myself not to take it over from her when she was trying to play with it because it brought back so many memories from when I was a kid.

  3. HOW did I forget about Lite Brite? I am SO buying one of these for Sadie for Christmas!!!! Swoon!!!

  4. Jessica

    Oh I loved Lite Brite, does Matthew leave it alone? If I bought it for my kids I would have to hide it to be used only during Sawyer's naptime… he still likes to "taste" things every now and then.

  5. I loved the LiteBrite! And that one is so much better looking than the one we had as kids 🙂

  6. Stasha

    This is so sweet. I love playing with Legos with my boy. I did not have LiteBrite but must look into it. She looks so intent!

  7. @30ish_Mama

    That is really sweet! One of the reasons I love having a girl is that I get to play dolls again.

  8. Elizabeth

    Totally forgot about Lite Brite! Hmmm…now the question is have I already bought too much?

  9. Lori


    I love lite brite!!

    Darn having teenagers.

  10. Sherri

    So I commented from work and it's gone…sigh. I was probably more awake the last time I commented, but I loved Lite Brite!! And that picture of Katie is so cute…she's so focused and in love.


  11. LookingfortheSweetSpot

    I taught preschool for a few years and absolutely loved it. It is such a great age of discovery and imagination! Cute pics!

  12. Kimberly

    Oh I so loved Lite Brite when I was younger!

  13. Oh my gosh… why haven't I bought Lite Brites for my girls? ~Sue

  14. Tracie

    I loved the Lite Brite when I was a kid, and I remember so clearly a few years ago when my Katie got her own Lite Brite for Christmas. We had SO much fun playing with it together. It was the best!

  15. Light Bright!!!! Loved Light Bright!!!

  16. John

    I was never able to get the delayed gratification with the Lite Brite – I had to have it on as I put the pegs in.

    That said, I cannot wait until I actually start enjoying the act of playing with the same toys as my kids – Lincoln Logs & Legos are at the top of my list.

  17. @C_Linnell

    I am so glad you are getting to experience that with her Nichole. The Lite Brite shows was the vain of my existence for a few years. The pegs, the pegs, they go everywhere!! Now, I will not sour your sweet experience with her, let's just say I am glad it has been given to Goodwill. Ha!

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