It’s Finally Here! The 2012 Blogger Body Calendar

2012 Blogger Body Calendar, Blogger Body CalendarRemember back in March, when I told you about the Blogger Body Calendar project?

Well, it’s finally ready for purchase!

Proceeds from this year’s calendar go to Violence Unsilenced.

Please go buy one…or several!

And when you flip through the calendar and see me as Ms. March, you’ll also see just how remarkably talented my photographer and dear friend Yuliya is. That woman works magic!

Thank you, Yuliya…much love to you.

Please, go pick up a calendar. Your purchase shows your support for every woman who has had to struggle against violence.


  1. Chibi Jeebs

    So awesome! Way to go on being involved! :)

  2. This is fantastic! I went to the site today and saw your 'March' section. Bravo! Earlier this week I submitted my abuse story to Violence UnSilenced as well. I support this cause!


  3. So awesome! I love that you were a part of this!

  4. Elizabeth

    You look beautiful! And love the umbrella!

  5. TheKirCorner

    what a gorgeous way to GIVE BACK and be part of something amazing. :)

  6. John

    I love the picture of you here!

  7. Mad Woman

    DONE! Yeah yeah yeah! ….doing my happy dance, don't mind me.

  8. Sherri

    Well, it's about time!! Beautiful young woman with an awesome photographer…perfect.

  9. Missy | Literal Mom

    You are so awesome for being a part of this! I am impressed.

  10. Tim@sogeshirts

    Great picture Nichole. Love the calendar. Who else was in this? I see familiar faces.

  11. How gorgeous are you? I love the photo and love that you were a part of such a great thing.

  12. Jessica D Torres

    That is a great picture and a wonderful cause to be part of.

  13. twertman

    I love that you chose that picture! It's perfect.

    Such a wonderful cause.

  14. That is so wonderful! What a great cause too.

  15. julie gardner

    You are simply lovely.

    In every way a person can be.

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