Grand Plans, Meet Reality

Before we had children, I used to dream of gathering around the dinner table, reconnecting, and sharing bits of our day.

I envisioned smiles, funny stories, and happiness…

To continue reading, please follow me over to the Million Moms Challenge where I’m sharing one example of just how much my idealistic visions of parenthood differ from the reality of life with small children…

I’m also hoping for some words of wisdom over there! Your comment will enter your name in a contest to win an exclusive Million Moms Challenge Gift Pack, which includes an iPad2, a custom-made Million Moms Challenge pendant and a donation in your name to Global Giving.


  1. julie gardner

    You had me at your title.

    Because OH did I have grand plans.

    Then reality came knocking at the door. And ringing the bell. He wouldn't go away.

    (Just like that guy selling magazines…)

    Heading over to read your post now (and I hope I lose the solicitor!)


  2. Barbara

    I stopped by here from SITS (your blog critique) and have enjoyed looking around. The million moms challenge interested me because I've just took the pledge a week or so ago. I love the idea. Heading over now to read your article on reality meets grand plans. We've all been there. I really like your site. And your writing.

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