Can I Get Some Tylenol, Please?

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Phew…it’s been a long five days. Long. Super long. Excruciatingly long.

But, I finally took the last of the Clomid this morning.

Curious about how it went? 

What were the side effects?

Did I bring bodily harm to anyone?

Cry a lot?

Here’s the play by play…

Day One

7:00 am Take Clomid.

11:00 am Smile smugly, telling myself that Clomid is no match for me.

11:55 am Take two Tylenol for a sudden onset of a headache.

2:30 pm Turn into a sobbing mess at a bridal shower when talking to the mother of the groom. Convince myself that my 2-year-old son will be walking down the aisle any day now.

5:00 pm Become irrationally angry at a passing rain shower.

6:00 pm Take an Aleve to try to conquer the worsening headache that the Tylenol didn’t even touch.

6:30 pm Make note to throw out that bottle of useless Aleve.

Day Two

6:58 am Wake and wince from the relentless headache.

7:00 am Take Clomid and Tylenol.

7:01 am Complain to husband about massive headache.

7:02 am Make mental note to get revenge on husband who does not have headache.

10:00 am Notice that daughter has apparently grow three inches in the past month. Tell myself that she is no longer a baby, while sobbing and wiping my nose with my sleeve.

1:30 pm Put kids down for nap, lay perfectly still on the couch and hope that either the headache goes away or I die quickly.

2:00 pm Curse the fact that neither of the aforementioned wishes have been granted.

5:30 pm Consider actually paying my children to play the quiet game.

Day Three

7:00 am Take Clomid.

7:01 am Swear at headache that will apparently never ever go away and take two more Tylenol.

9:20 am Watch daughter’s ballet lesson through self-pitying tears that I never took ballet as a child.

11:00 am Walk through grocery store, internally fuming over the fact the person in front of me needs to hurry the #$)!_ up!!!

11:24 am Cry in the car because I am so frustrated with aforementioned slow person.

1:20 pm Take two more Tylenol and ponder the damage I’m doing to my liver.

2:04 pm Rage like a crazy person because you cannot find a pen. Anywhere!

2:05 pm Vow to bring bodily harm to whoever hid all of the pens.

4:00 pm Cry that naptime is over. Already.

Day Four

7:00 am Take Clomid.

9:59 am (Im)patiently wait outside Costco for them to open so I can buy the biggest bottle of Tylenol sold.

11:48 am Curse headache that I am certain is just snickering at me.

1:30 pm Lay on couch and repeat prayers from Day Three that I just die already.

1:45 pm Text husband to complain about headache.

1:46 pm Call husband to complain about headache.

1:47 pm Vow to restrain myself from harassing husband at work over headache.

4:42 pm Decide that it’s “close enough” to 5:00 and pour a much-needed glass of wine.

4:45 pm Open mail. Sob uncontrollably over the kind words in a card from a friend that read, “I know the Clomid is rough but hang in there. This too shall pass…”

Day Five

7:00 am Take Clomid.

7:01 am Do a 30-second happy dance that I have taken the last two pills!

7:01:30 am Curse the headache that cut my happy dance short.

7:02 am Take first two Tylenol of the day.

10:00 am Wonder why we have to listen to The Wheels on the Bus on a constant loop.

10:06 am Decide to open front door during naptime and hurl the aforementioned CD as far as humanly possible.

11:47 am Cry over the injustice of having to prepare lunch.

1:00 pm Continue with ongoing liver damage by choking down two more Tylenol.

1:29 pm Hope and pray that the Clomid works. And that the headache goes away one day in the very near future.

*This is my personal humorous account. Others who have taken Clomid have experienced no side effects at all. Lucky me.


  1. Natalie

    Clomid. Blech. I feel your pain and also turned into an emotional mess! At least you realized…I had no idea I was acting like a crazy person…

  2. KH99

    I had the headaches & moodiness and think I had to pee all the time.

  3. Elena

    I never had to take Clomid the first time around since we were supposed to use a donor egg. I just had an appt with my doc yesterday and they suggested me trying it—and I just cannot bring myself to do it. Thinking of you—you are much stronger than I am!

  4. Izzy

    Oh I feel you on the Clomid…I just posted my own rant about Clomid. I did not know I could actually melt from the inside out!

  5. I'll be thinking of you! Baby dust for this cycle!!!

  6. Sherri

    I feel sorry for you having to go through this, but when you bring the funny? I love it!

  7. Elizabeth

    I had to take Clomid before having my first child. I was fortunate not to experience the headaches, but hyper-stimulated and ended up with a painful cyst until it eventually went away on its own. Wasn't fun, but it at least kicked my ovaries in gear! We actually ended up getting pregnant shortly after that during a month that we were breaking from the meds! I hope you don't have to go through another round, but if you do…and I know you already know this…well, it will be totally worth it! If I may offer a bit of encouragement and if you aren't in need of this encouragement like I was than no need to pay attention to it…I know for myself when I was desiring to be pregnant the second time around, but not there yet, sometimes I would find myself very sad, longing for a little life that I didn't have yet, but a good friend reminded me to not let the desire for another baby rob me of even an ounce of the joy I already had in having my first little girl…to focus on the little life God had already given me, not the one He hadn't or hadn't yet. For whatever reason, I needed to hear that, but for you it may not be an issue…Blessings to you, Nichole!

  8. Suzanne

    Yikes! I'm starting my first round of clomid this cycle (whenver this provera does its job…..) Hoping and praying that the side effects will be worth it in the end!!!

  9. Stacy

    I don't remember headaches but i got hot flashes like a 60 year old menopausal woman. I had to carry a fan everywhere, and people were constantly commenting that i was too young for them. Good luck

  10. A Morning Grouch

    Oh that sounds horrible. I had no reaction at all ( but it also didn’t help me get preggo at all). I totally get you on swearing revenge on your headacheless husband!!

  11. Isela

    This is my first cycle and I’ve only experienced the headache but not that bad. Hope Clomid works for me.

  12. Hillary

    I had all those listed issues with 100mg…just no ovulation. And my boobs hurt so bad I could hardly wash them in the shower. Well today I started 200mg for 5 day and I’m so scared for my husband….I did put up any breakables and warn my boss and coworkers….May this pass fast for all of us!

  13. hopefullthistimeworks

    I just had my trigger shot on monday and finished my 5th cycle of clomid, this time 100mg. I have got cramps after the shot. We have been trying for 8 months and really hope that this last round worked. Last march I found out I had bulging discs which has been giving me severe pain in my back. The Dr.’s have all said I can only take Tylenol which does nothing and told me to stay away from hot baths, heating pads and anything that really gives me relief. Does any body out there have any suggestions of a remedy to take some of the pain away?? I really hope this last clomid worked!!

  14. srachel pinterest

    Today was my first day of clomid and I too thought ‘wow I’m the lucky one with no side effects’ until 1pm hit. First with a small headache that quickly turned into something relatable to a knif in my skull but I get migraines anyway so pushing on. Then the worst, my toes began to burn..moving on up my whole body. I almost went outside and rolled in the snow.
    Hope this round works for you! The things we do for those little people :)

  15. I haven’t experienced any really horrible side effects just hot flashes and frequent urination; however, my RE suggested I take them at night with a meal or right before bed, and not during the day. Maybe I’m just sleeping through them?

  16. Katie

    Thank god I wasnt wasn’t going crazy, ahh, the headaches!!! And the emotions have made me want to commit myself!!! Every morning on clomid is like having a hang over from hell!!! I told my husband tonight that this hopeful baby better be worth it cuz im never gonna let them forget what I went through to have them!! Haha

  17. Sara

    I start my first round tomorrow. We’ve been trying for a year now. I pray for him that I don’t have bad side affects. Lol crossing my fingers and staying positive.

  18. Kyam

    I didn’t have headaches but I was super emotional and the hot flashes and sweating were just unbelievable! I was on fire on the inside! Then I’d cry because I was uncomfortably hot! Lmao! Smh.

  19. I haven’t noticed headaches as a side effect but I get them a lot anyway. The hot flashes though! And the crying! Out of control…

  20. Amelia Ferguson

    The hot flashes! I feel like I am going to spontaneously combust into flames. And I cry a lot…I mean a lot. No headaches so far but I do feel as though I may catch on fire at any given moment ://

  21. Shalana

    I start my first round of clomid in 3 days. I’m scared to death….I’m actually more scared for my husband…I read some comments to him and he said “Lord please help me”. Prayers for everyone!

  22. Cheryl

    omg u made me laugh this is my 5 th cycle using clomid , had to have a break after 3rd and I bet it’s coz ur bat shit crazy lol! Hot flashes , cry if someone says boo , my poor husband knows at least now to just go with it and knows it’s not really me it’s the crazy drugs

  23. Monica

    i started day one of Clomid this morning. Not looking forward to the side effects. My husband has been warned. Thank you for the humor.

  24. Katlyn

    I take provera then just finished my first cyle of clomid and the side effects of having hot flashes at 25 are scary what the future of aging will bring. I read all the comments and I just want to say thank you ladies for the laughs because I’ve been emotional (I blame it on the side effects) and worried if clomid will work for me & the funny/positve way you you put it made me smile today! Good luck ladies and hopefully a healthy baby will be in all of our futures :)

  25. Lorna

    about to take my third dose of Clomid in as many months. I can completely relate to you. I showed my husband and he was like I can write your story for you. I have taken ibuprofen and Tylenol like it’s going out of style. Here’s to hoping one day my dreams come true. This medicine is truly a mystery.

  26. Krystal

    I recently just took my 3rd Clomid pill and I feel awful. Each pill it progressively gets worse. Have flu-like symptoms, headache, sore throat, and achey body. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or if it is a side effect but from the sounds of it, I think its safe to take Tylenol.

  27. caitlin

    Didn’t so much get the head aches but can we please talk about the f***ed up dreams!! like WTF apparently i have am completely and utterly afraid that an orca is going to kill me and that the avengers are real! and yes the moodswings like yikes! 4 rounds no baby just finished 5th hoping this is our month and i won’t alienate anyone else!

  28. Jess

    I will be starting Clomid soon, so I read this to my husband to give him an idea of what I may be like…. When I finished he looked a little frightened! Lol Hopefully, it won’t take too many rounds before we’re blessed with #2!

  29. Amanda

    I too fell victim to every single side effect possible from Clomid, including the one that only an estimated 1% of women get and that is hair loss! I took three rounds last summer and as soon as my last cycle ended my hair fell out for the next three months. I had horrible hot flashes, headaches and and bouts of rage. My doctor just prescribed another Clomid cycle (which I am suppose to start today) and I have decided not take it. I want more than anything to have another baby, but I cannot and will not put my body through this again. Best of luck to all of you that are TTC, I know what a long excruciating journey it can be.

  30. Danielle

    I had nightmares every night while on Clomid! Intense nightmares. I took Clomid when ttc my first son 7 years ago, but didn’t have nighmares or mood swings. This time I had nightmares, mood swings, headaches, fatigues and frequent urination. I have only taken 2 cycles and have decided to take a break for a few months. Rough stuff

  31. Jennifer

    I’m working on my second round of Provera before starting the Clomid. With the last round, I took them with my prenatal vitamin just before bed and only noticed the mood swings throughout the day. With all of the *WONDERFUL* side affects that I’ve been hearing about, I’m afraid they’ll start with me this time around since the dosage is upped to 100mg. Baby dust to all ladies reading!

  32. Charlotte

    People told me there would be no side effects. I feel as if I’m on a constant mood swing and trying hard to not lash out or cry and than other moments all is fine and a happy vibe. I pray that soon I will conceive and no more crazy I feel my Husband gets the brunt of it all and than I cry because of it. He’s been been nothing but supportive

  33. Rachel

    Thank you for this! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one!

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