1. Is that Cinderella? I love seeing little girls twirling with abandon. It makes me want to stop and twirl, too :)

  2. Sherri

    Oh man, I love this pic! It just has the coolest effect…and the cutest girl, of course.

  3. John daddyrunsalot.com

    You make pretty mini-humans :-)

    I can't wait for the time that my daughter really "gets" a dress . . .

  4. Nichole,

    The way I see it, clarity and focus is overrated;
    Edges can be sharp and cold depending on your point of view.

    A blur can be joyful; and tears too.
    It's all in the way you look at it.

    On the other hand, your Katie and Matthew are loved (ADORED) every minute of every day by you and Craig.
    So a little blurriness is really okay.

    It's part of the frenzy of family life…
    Your family.

    Which is and always will be a place of joy and softness.
    No matter what.

  5. Susan sunflowerstatus.blogspot.com

    Cute! Love that twirling dress, and such a wonderful comment from your daughter. (on the other post) My fingers (and toes) are crossed for you!

  6. JDaniel4's Mom jdaniel4smom.com

    What a wonderful whirling princess!

  7. I LOVE that picture!! You can feel her motion.

  8. Missy | Literal Mom literalmom.com

    Sometimes I feel like I'm on a Merry Go Round that won't stop. Most of the time that's ok. Sometimes it makes me feel a little sick. :) Heading over now.

  9. Love pictures like this that capture what it means to be a kid. Great photo.

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