1. I am dying….this is one of my all time fav video posts. I love her….she is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MamaWantsThis mamawantsthis.com

    Aw, she is so precious!

  3. Maureen tatterscoops.com

    She's beautiful! And that song wow!

  4. This is too adorable. Love

  5. Peggy

    I love her <3

  6. Sherri

    Seriously, does she get cuter each time I see her?? Man!

    Sniff sniff…

  7. Jen Has A Pen jenhasapen.com

    Okay, her teensy little mouth is perfection. :-) She's so awesome Nichole. :-)

  8. She is just too cute for words! I love it when my children sing as well! LOVE IT!

  9. @skywaitress twitter.com/skywaitress

    That is just the sweetest.

  10. Lyndsey

    I remember when she wasn't even saying "mama". Wow how she has grown up! What a beauty!

  11. Tonya lettersforlucas.com

    Beautiful song, beautiful daughter.

  12. Oh my. Sigh.

  13. Christine

    You've got the next Taylor Swift right there. Yes ma'am you do.

    She really liked that first crescendo! So awesome the way kids respond to music.

  14. Denise accordingtodenise.com

    I love that. So incredibly cute! Little girls and their music. I love watching my daughter too.

  15. thisismynewmoon

    Beautiful. I love that song. Katie is adorable.

  16. Krista notmommyoftheyear.com

    Oh precious! The fact that your daughter knows the words to that song makes me love you just a little bit more. Just saying.

  17. Jessica

    Oh that little voice, so, so sweet and I love that song!

  18. Mama Hear Me Roar

    That is so sweet! She's a real gem.

  19. JDaniel4's Mom jdaniel4smom.com

    She is so cute! I love the glasses.

  20. She so cute…love the fact she is a Zac Brown Band fan…great song and her shades make her a rockstar already!

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