1. Cheryl @ Mommypants mommypants.com

    Yegads that kid is gorgeous! Look at those eyes!



  2. MamaWantsThis mamawantsthis.com

    A gorgeous child and the perfect words.

  3. Tonya lettersforlucas.com

    Matthew is a beautiful beautiful beautiful boy! And has an equally beautiful mommy. xo

  4. Kimberly mamasmonologues.com

    He melts me. Those words are simply beautiful!

  5. thisismynewmoon

    Gorgeous – words and photo.

  6. Beautiful photo, beautiful words, beautiful boy.

    The sunlight in his hair is amazing.

  7. Ryan @TWM thewovenmoments.com

    This pic takes my breath away. That face! Those EYELASHES!

  8. Peg

    Does Craig realize that he has a mini-me? Wow! Looking more and more like him every day!
    He is SO sweet!

  9. John daddyrunsalot.com

    You make perfect humans.

  10. Sherri

    Ah….so adorable…

  11. Beautiful.

  12. I just want to squeeze his cheeks!!!!

  13. MMMMM! Love! He is one you just want to swush up and cuddle. So handsome.

  14. Denise accordingtodenise.com

    Wow that is an awesome photo with beautiful words.

  15. OH he is just beautiful!! He will no doubt be breaking hearts when he is much, much, MUCH older. Right now, he just holds yours. Perfection!

  16. Emmy emmymom2.com

    Oh that picture is so cute!

  17. Missy | Literal Mom literalmom.com

    Goodness, I just want to eat him right up! So cute.

  18. Courtney K. themommymatters.com

    Oh what a sweetheart. Love this.

  19. Oh his face has just the slightest hint of little boy here. He still has some baby face but there's that little bit of toddler too, ya know?

  20. Nancy C npoj.blogspot.com

    You simply could not choose a lovelier quote.

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