Rediscovered Joy

I sat in the room, the air growing warmer and more still with each passing moment.

There was a familiarity…a dreamlike quality that made me feel, at turns, both comfortable and anxious.

I have been away from this world for five years now.

The energy in the room…the joy…grabbed hold of a part of me that has lay dormant.

Janna spoke first, glowing with pride over her project, the project that brought more than thirty of us together.

Under the Gum Treeis a storytelling project, a collection of creative non-fiction pieces in the form of a micro magazine.

Live a story. Tell it without shame” is the thread that runs through each of the pieces.

As a handful of contributors read their pieces aloud, their words nudged and carried me back to a time when I believed I could truly write.

When I believed that I had talent that could be polished…that words were mine to gather, mold, and offer up.

In the years since, I have lost my way a bit, lost faith in what I can do.

But, in those hours last evening, I wondered if perhaps it’s still in me…just within my reach.

And as I closed my eyes last evening, I was lost in thoughts of what might be.

And those thoughts bring me such tremendous joy.

Thank you, Janna.

Thank you for helping me to remember and to believe.

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  1. Cheryl @ Mommypants

    Sigh. So lovely. I'm glad it was an awakening time for you. xo

  2. Shana

    I don't even know where to begin… Your blog is wonderful, and you really are an amazing writer! I'll check back more often to enjoy your small moments!

  3. MamaWantsThis

    I think it's wonderful that you've found something awaken in you. You ARE a lovely writer.

  4. SquashedMom

    You have so spoken a truth I wrestle with every day (and am in the middle of a long post about that Iam now feeling inspired to finish) – how the writer in me gets lost and subsumed to the mom, friend, wife, daughter, social media networker, cat owner, housekeeper, fritter away of time. And yet all those are important to me too. (Well, not the frittering, but it sometimes seems what I'm best at.)

    I am so glad something sparked you again and reminded you of who you are – an amazing writer. You do know how deeply you touch people with your words, and that you have a beautiful "voice," don't you? Yes. You do. I love to read you. Now: write!

  5. Denise

    You are a wonderful writer. I'm glad you have felt a reawakening to believe it yourself.

  6. alexandra

    I am hardly happier than when I sit in the quiet and write.

    Had to come over to tell you to never lose your faith or belief in your writing.

    It's where you belong.

    Go Fight Win.

  7. galitbreen

    Three words: Go. For. It.

    Your writing is gorgeous, your talent is real, and your dream? Is just that: YOURS.

    Go. For. It.


  8. thisismynewmoon

    I'm so glad you found a place where you can feel comfortable in your own skin. Don't stop writing. Let your confidence grow.

  9. I think you are incredibly talented at writing! I'm glad you found something that makes you see some of your talent!

  10. I am so glad you had a moment. Your voice is your gift in writing; you make your words come alive, and I so hope to see you take this ephiphany and hit the ground running!

  11. Tonya

    You are a wonderful writer. Never ever doubt that. Glad you are finding joy…. xo

  12. Full of hope…

  13. John

    Storytelling is such a wonderful talent . . . and you're quite a good storyteller. I can't wait to see this "awakening" blossom.

  14. Christine

    Yay for rediscovering joy and hope and dreams. It is so hard to keep them alive. But so important.
    And I want to say one thing…and I may be out of bounds but I totally do this and wish I didn't…don't discount your experience here on your beautiful blog. This is writing. And you are doing it so well. That said, branch out! Pursue, pursue, pursue. I'm excited for you.

  15. Courtney K.

    "Live a story. Tell it without shame"

    What a beautiful, beautiful mantra. I've lost the belief that I could write as well. I spend a lot of time reading words from others and wondering why I can't do the same. When in reality…I can. I just have to go after it. Beautiful. I am so happy to read that this was an awakening moment for you. Can't wait to read what's to come!

  16. Glad you are feeling the joy!!! You are an AMAZING writer!!! xoxo

  17. Missy | Literal Mom

    You described that moment so vividly. I can feel your hope and your plans in your words. Thank you for sharing and I wish you luck!

  18. Mama Hear Me Roar

    I'm so glad I found your blog. Your words and writing are inspiring.

    Believe and keep going!

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