Reframed Thoughts, Joy, and a Recap

farmers market tomatoes

These past couple of weeks haven’t been the easiest patch for me.

But, I do realize that I am blessed and that there is joy all around me…I just need to refocus and reframe things a bit.

So, I give you this lovely bowl of tomatoes that we bought at the farmers’ market on Sunday.

Absolute Heaven.

And while you’re here visiting, if you have a few extra moments, here are some of the things that I’ve been Babbling about lately…

I truly appreciate each and every click!


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  1. Rachel

    Beautiful bowl of tomatoes!! If you lived closer I could give you those exact goodies from my garden!! Hint, hint!

  2. JoAnn


    I hope I haven't written anything in the past that has hurt you more on this journey, but I probably have, because I try to be funny to cheer people up…and we all know how annoying THAT is. Tomatoes are better, much much better. xoxox.

  3. MamaWantsThis

    I want to reach into my computer and chomp on those yummy tomatoes!! Thinking of you. xo

  4. Kirsten

    I know you will get your mojo back soon! It too hard to block the kind of sunshine you are, soon you'll be strong enough to push those clouds away my friend. Xo

  5. John

    You know what else is perfection right now (in addition to tomatoes) are yummy peppers (the actual breed name). They're small & orange, should be available at most any farmer's market . . . they look like they should be really, unbelievably hot – but they're not. They're sweet. And addictive.

  6. Megan -Best of Fates

    I clicked on every one.

    Because I love you, not because I've developed a sudden interest in delivery gowns.

  7. Kim

    Love the tomatoes — they are begging for some fresh mozzarella and olive oil. {And a big glass of white}

  8. Evonne

    Those tomatoes look so good!

    I know you realize you are blessed. It shows in your words. We all go through slumps. I hope the joy around you helps life you up.

  9. Those tomatoes look amazing. Yummy. Maybe a little salt or balsamic vinegar, and I could eat them all day long.

  10. Jessica

    I'm clicking away at them all and even pinned on on pinterest, hoping it brings you lots of traffic ;). Thinking of you as always.

  11. Aleta

    Those are all tomatoes? Really? How pretty!

  12. SquashedMom

    Beautiful tomatoes! And hugs to you, my friend.

  13. Yuliya

    Imma say it again, VACATION, *cough* Tahoe *cough*

  14. Tonya

    Those tomatoes look scrumptious! And yes, joy is all around you. xo

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