Lack of Sleep, Huggies Diapers, and Pole Dancing Pooh

This is, without question, one of my favorite posts. I still laugh whenever I read it. I hope you do too!

Pooh Gone Wrong

It all started with this tweet…

…which contained this photo (yes, those are Matthew’s delicious thighs!)…


…which quickly escalated (deescalated?) into…

And thank goodness that CDG had the foresight to give us a useful hashtag…

Yep, you read that correctly, Pole Dancing Pooh.

And then, we all fell apart, giggling like school girls…

Pole Dancing Pooh even began trending…

The ever-wise Lori piped in with this…

Then, Pooh got some new clothes…

And since we’re all-inclusive, CDG had the following thoughtful question…

Eeyore was then thrown under the bus…

But, Lori was quick to point out…


CDG and Lori raised some excellent questions to ponder…



We weren’t the only ones giggling…

And we can rest assured that we have ruined Pooh’s image…


And with that?  Our work was done.

Thanks girls, just a few moments of giggly fun made my entire day.  Love you all!

And thank you, Cheryl, for the great idea…



And Huggies?  Really, you might want to work on that graphic.  Just sayin’.


  1. MamaWantsThis

    Hahaha! LOVE this! And Love Twitter ;)

  2. Kim

    If only reviews of baby items were this entertaining! Thanks for sharing this! Hope you are enjoying SD!

  3. Aleta

    I'm sorry, I can't get the imagine of Winnie the Pooh doing a pole dance… it's just not right. Lol.

  4. John

    Can't you just imagine fake money (printed with Christopher Robin's face), and an umbrella in the "make it rain" gift set? Then I picture Rabbit coming out with a Jillian-Michaels-esque pole dancing workout video.

  5. Regina

    hahaha… that’s funny!

  6. Jayme

    Wow! That is definitely a pole dancing Pooh!

  7. Ally

    Brilliant tweet conversation! And it really does look like a pole dancing Pooh!

  8. julie gardner

    Seriously. Pooh on a diaper in the FIRST place is all kinds of ironic and funny.

    Then you picture him pole dancing and its……

    indescribably hilarious.

    Love this post, Nichole. I'm dying here in my living room.

    Wishing my kids were still in diapers…

    Kind of.

  9. Sara

    This is great! I love hilarious little finds like these hiding in our regular lives! I definitely need to follow you on twitter now!

  10. Susan

    That is too funny! Poor Pooh!

  11. Evonne

    This/ Is awesome! I wonder if Pole Dancing Pooh will end up opening the 100 Acre Strip Club?

  12. CDG

    Why, oh why, did I not know you then, John?

  13. what the HH this is

  14. this is the part of wow

  15. Lop of Fame Hh Very ,,,,,

  16. danny

    this Is what I’m looking

  17. Nafthali

    jest what we looking for

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