BlogHer ’11 Recap: Now I Need a Nap

There is so much that I could tell you about BlogHer ’11. I could go on for days about how much I learned in the sessions, how much I drank danced the parties, how much I enjoyed talking to some amazing brand representatives, and how much my back hurts from lugging home an obscene amount of swag.

But, what I want to tell you about most is the friendships, because as I sit here, 48 hours after returning home, they are the highlight of my trip…they are what made it so incredibly memorable.

And I want to thank so many people.

Deep breath…here I go…

Let me start with my “old” friends…

Sherri… Thank you for being my wingwoman through it all, for being the rock that I needed more times than I care to admit. Dancing with you, sharing inside jokes (what? what!), and knowing that you were by my side made all of the difference for me. Your friendship is one of the greatest gifts of my life.

Cheryl…You are the closest thing that I’ll ever get to having a sister. Your honesty, candor, silliness, and sarcasm make me love you. I appreciated your wisdom throughout the pre-BlogHer hysteria, your calm during the whirlwind that was BlogHer, and your willingness to talk ad nauseum during the exhausting aftermath. Love you, girl.

Rachel… Oh, my friend. You are so lovely inside and out. You are you. What you see is what you get…loyal, kind, outrageous, funny, and beautiful. I just love you. Thank you for always making me smile.

Yuliya… How can I begin to tell you how much your friendship means to me? I am so grateful that we had one-on-one time together on Sunday. You are vibrant, strong, gorgeous, true, and you just exude love. How lucky I am to know you.

Lori… Hearing you read your Voices of the Year piece on Friday was so powerful. Your words were true, strong, clear, and filled with love. I couldn’t have been more proud to call you my friend than I was in that moment. What a lovely representation it was of who you truly are. I love you so very much.

Amy…I’ve told you this so many times, but you are such a calming force for me. The melody in your voice and the way you look me directly in the eyes makes me all swoony over you. I admire you for so many reasons.

Natalie… To tell you that I counted the moments until I met you would be such an understatement. You have such a kind heart and your generosity means the world to me. Thank you were patient with me for being the “slowest getter-readier ever!” I know that we’ll be friends for always.

Tonya… I can’t count the times you made me smile. You soothed me when I was anxious, made me laugh when I was near tears, and made me giggle like a schoolgirl when I needed it. So much love for you, my dear friend.

Katie… Where do I even begin? Thank you for being exactly who I knew you’d be, for letting me snuggle you when I crawled into bed at 4 am, and for being willing to stay up and share pillow talk with me. You are the real deal, Katie. How lucky I am to know you.

Galit… I was so excited to meet you in person. You are so kind and generous online and you were every bit as sincere and lovely in person.

Gigi… It was so great to finally meet you. Our time by the pool was, hands down, my favorite time with you. If only some of your wisdom would rub off on me!

Nicole… I am so grateful for the time we had at the pool on Wednesday. I so enjoyed talking with you. You are so lovely.

Erin…You have such a beautiful soul. After spending time with you, I think even more highly of you than I did before.

Tracy… Once I forgave you for being so gorgeous, slim, and funny, I was struck by how at ease you made me feel. I am so happy that we finally met in person.

Eileen… I feel like I didn’t get to see you much, but you rocked the party Saturday night. The company was great and the food was delish! So grateful that we live so close.

Kristy… I adore you. That is all. Wait…also? You looked ridiculously awesome on Thursday night!

Amy… I kept thinking that we’d have loads of time to hang out, but the days just slipped through my fingers. It was such a joy to meet your family on Sunday…I just wish we would have had more time together.

Varda… You looked so radiant on Saturday night. It was amazing to see you so happy.

Then, there are my new-ish friends…

Morgan… I’m convinced you have one of the kindest, most tender souls I’ve ever come across. Getting to know you better was such a joy.

Christine… I apologize for talking your ear off every time I saw you. If I had been you, I would have ducked at the mere sight of me. ;) It was so nice to see you and I look forward to getting together soon.

Jenny… I don’t think that you could be any nicer or more engaging. You were a breath of fresh air amidst a whole lot of crazy.

Suz… I loved our time at the airport. It was so great to get to know you in a way that I couldn’t have done otherwise.

Merry… I can still see your beautiful smile. I loved talking with you and learning more about you.

Miranda… Girl, you are every bit as amazing in person as you are online. I could have listened to you talk all day, every day. I so loved spending time with you.

Cam… Thank you for letting me talk your ear off on Saturday night! It was so wonderful to get to know you. I see many road trips to San Francisco in my future.

And those people who were even more fabulous than I imagined they’d be… 

Monique… You are so many kinds of amazing. Your sincerity, sense of humor, and warmth left me speechless. You’re mine now, my pretty.

Poppy… Three words: Change. Your. Avatar. You are so ridiculously gorgeous. Add funny and genuine to the mix and I’m more than a bit smitten with you.

Jenny (the Bloggess)… Thank you for taking the time to speak with me at The People’s Party. Your compassion and words of understanding will stay with me for always.

Mary… You have an amazing ability to make those you come into contact with feel important and heard. I loved talking with you at dinner on Wednesday. Your stories still make me giggle. And blush.

Jen… I wondered if you could be nearly as funny in person as you are online and you didn’t disappoint. You were on my must-meet list and I couldn’t believe my good fortune for running into you on Thursday.

My blogging idol, Kelle… Thank you for not getting a restraining order against me for stalking you on Saturday. Before I went to BlogHer, when asked who I could only dream of meeting, your name was at the very top of an incredibly short list.

An one old, new friend (or a new, old friend?)… 

Cathy… I feel like we talked and connected more on Friday night than we did during our entire high school experience. How serendipitous it is that we’ve reconnected. The time we spent together at Sparklecorn was such a joy. I’m so happy we’ve reconnected.

And lastly, some lovely people with whom I wish I could have spent more time…

Robin, Elena, Jenny, Jessica, KayleenSusan, JessicaJanice, Lizz, Kristin, Fadra, Suzanne, Tara, Kelly, Carolyn, Tracy, Alena, Jen, Erin, Frelle, and Jill. You were all so lovely.

I keep thinking that I’m forgetting so many people. If I am, please reference the massive amounts of alcohol exhaustion referenced above.

Each and every one of you made my BlogHer ’11 experience wonderful. I am so grateful to know such a diverse, intelligent, dynamic, and driven group of women.

Happy sighs.

I’m off to take a nap.


  1. Jessica

    I'm glad I was able to meet you before the conference was over. It was so busy.

  2. tracy@sellabitmum

    Wow girlfriend. You rock the links – could I love you more? You are so stunning and amazing and talented. I am so glad we met and I hope to see so much more of you. I didn't mean that in a sexual way at all. I didn't mean more of your body – just more of your whole self. You know what I mean. gah.

  3. Awww I made the list!
    You are so very sweet and nothing but the best will come to pass!
    Napa? Soon?

  4. Shell

    It sounds like you got to spend time with some wonderful people. It shows your incredible heart that you took the time to mention all of these people in your post. We will meet one of these days! xo

  5. Lori

    Good lord woman…how did you keep your brains from leaking out of your ears with all that?? Did you use one of my Brain Sponges (patent pending.) (Also, I totally forgot about that post till just now.) (I wonder if being tired makes me use parentheses?)

    And I often wanted to blame things on the liquor. But mostly I had to blame it on the tired.

  6. temysmom

    Wow, you really got around. No wonder we didn't meet up until the very last minute. Would love to have had the chance to really sit and talk… next time for sure.

  7. MamaWantsThis

    So glad you had an amazing time, and my goodness, all that linking, you are wondrous. Really.

  8. Amy

    We kept seeing each other, but never having time. So happy we had that moment in the lobby. And Spencer called you pretty as we were walking away. Between you and Suzanne, I think he is developing a thing for blondes…

  9. Queen of the Links! I wish we'd had more time to chat as well. But it was so lovely to meet you, and I'm so glad I ran into you that first night!

  10. Seriously holy mother of linking abilities. Thank you for being so fabulous yourself. So glad I was able to meet you as you were on my list too.

  11. SquashedMom

    And you, my dear, are every bit as lovely and gracious in person as you are on your blog. I would say even more so, but i don't think that's possible. It was wonderful meeting you and i can't wait for next year! (Though for your sake i am hoping you will be too hugely pregnant or recently with a newborn to travel.)

  12. Kir

    it's so wonderful to see all these beautiful women through your eyes..I am so glad your time at BlogHer was magical and memorable :)

  13. I think it's a testament to your kind heart that you managed all of those linkys in one post :)

    I am so happy for you that you were able to connect with so many of the people who have touched your heart in some way!

  14. Aleta

    It sounds like you were surrounded by a lot of lovely friends! It makes all the difference in the world to be somewhere with friendship.

  15. Elena

    Oh my gosh Nichole, what a stunning tribute to a monumental weekend. The details of the fun you had come out like morsels through each person's snippet. And yes, I wish we had more time. I am glad that we had a few hugs and our little time to chat Saturday was something that I will hold on to. Thank you for that.

  16. Devan

    i am sad i never ran into you! {that is one of the downsides of Bloher – its SO big!} Glad to hear you had a great time!!

  17. Rachel

    Thank you for your kind words my lovely friend!! I am also totally impressed with your linking skills!!! So, lets put something on the calendar!!!!!! I miss you! xoxo

  18. I wish I could have been there. I missed you and so many others as I was reading your tweets about BlogHer! So glad that you had a great time. :)

  19. Cathy

    Oh Nichole! Our time together will truly always be among the top of my wonderful memories from BlogHer this year. xoxo

  20. Tonya

    You are a wonderful person. I commend you for taking the time to speak to each of us directly in this post.

    It means so much to me that have met, have a connection (in more ways than one) and that you exceeded every expectation I had. All my love to you, my friend You made my BlogHer '11!

  21. Booyah's Momma

    It was fun, wasn't it? I do wish we could have chatted a little more in person, but it was great to meet you!

    And now? I so need a nap as well.

  22. Clare

    Wow! So many new bloggers for me to check out – thanks!
    So glad to hear that BlogHer was so fab for you! I hope to make it next year!

  23. galitbreen

    Nichole! Oh my, I need a nap, too, and I didn't even rock the link love like you did! Thank you for the words- they mean so very much to me! XO

  24. Yuliya

    What a sweet and lovely way to appreciate the people in your (blogging) life. Thank you my friend.

  25. Katie

    my dear friend. first? you are a linking machine. but also? I will ALWAYS have time to talk to you. no matter how tired I am. Always. I'm just sorry I couldn't stay out longer with you.

    And way to make me cry over this post.

    The next time I see you won't be soon enough.

    I miss you already, my dear friend.

  26. John

    I love such a personal note after it all . . . trust me when I say that I am quite jealous of y'all . . . especially those who you got to know & call friends (new & old). Though, I have a hard time calling the Mad Woman calming, in any way . . . but, hey, diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks.

  27. No wonder you need a nap – aside from all those late nights ;)

  28. SurferWife

    Amazing. You. Are. Amazing. I felt an instant connection with you. Almost as if I could have kept eye contact with you forever and been perfectly satisfied.

    When do we get to do it again? Minus MeSoRandy barking in my ear?

  29. This is the most gracious, reflective post about BlogHer I've ever read. Wow!

    My chat with you at dinner on Wed night was truly a highlight for me. Thank you.

    ~ Susan

  30. San Diego Momma

    Really a lovely – and different — BlogHer recap.
    Naming the people who touched you in some way? Beautiful. (And I agree with so much of what you said)

  31. @YoungMommy

    When are we getting together? I miss your chatter… I mean, I miss YOU!

  32. Jessica

    Such a great recap, wish I could have been there to meet you AND? So jealous you got to meet Kelle. How was she?

  33. I'm so bummed we didn't cross paths! Sounds like you had an equally fabulous time! Maybe next year in New York?

  34. Sherri

    OK, now I look like a complete moron for NOT commenting earlier, but when I wrote my eloquent comment on my iPod I was like number 6!! And then I had to log in and blah blah blah….poof, it's gone.

    So now? My words will ring dull, but you are the most wonderful woman I am proud to wing. BlogHer wouldn't have been the same without your wit, your party-hardiness, or your kind words. Much love to you, and I am glad we were able to share so much of this wild and crazy time together!

  35. funnyorsnot

    That is a crazy recap. I have read your words many places over the Blogosphere and have always admired your talent, but haven't commented too much because I just thought you already had pretty big circle. Meeting you though, I think you are one of the kindest most genuine people I have ever met. Now you are kind of stuck with me….humping your leg.

  36. @jennyfeldon

    I've read this post three times and every time I can't believe how lucky I am to have met you, to have spent enough time with you to confirm that my mad blog love affair was only the tip of the iceberg compared to how much I LOVE you in real life…and that I actually made this recap post! Your words couldn't be kinder and you couldn't be sweeter, more authentic or more brilliant. Meeting you was an absolute highlight of my trip, and this post has inspired me to actually sit down and write one of own. Love, love love….xoxoxoxo

  37. Elaine

    What a wonderful, sweet way to wrap up your experience, Nichole. You have such a big heart. I really enjoyed being around you. I hope we get to talk more WHEN we see each other again! ;) xo

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