Hugs and Joy

Since Katie began preschool, Matthew has been truly feeling her absence.

It started on the first day, when at pickup, he squealed at the sight of her from across the room.

But last night, he ran up to her twice and hugged her with the kind of jubilance that is reserved just for toddlers.

He has always loved her, but this is different…more urgent, somehow.

It’s as though he wants to hold her close so she doesn’t disappear.

There’s something magical about the sight of his chubby arms around her waist and the way she showers the top of his head with kisses.

And it brings me to tears to see that connection between them.

One of my greatest wishes as their mother is for them to have a closeness that weaves them together…a closeness that outlasts me and Craig.

Their connection brings me such tremendous joy.

Okay, your turn!

What brought you joy this week?

Whether it was something small or large, I would so love to hear about it.


  1. Rachel

    I have witnessed this very thing b/w Sadie & Tyler. It is magical. :-)

    My new car is still bring me much joy this week. Oh yes…and my wine!

  2. sherrikuhn

    Oh that is so sweet! And that bond is powerful as I have seen with my own two.

    My absolute joy this week was visiting with a very special friend I feel like I've known all my life… ;-)

  3. Nancy

    Does a pay raise and bonus count? Both brought me joy, but nothing to compare with the joys our children and grandchildren bring. Keelie grabbed my hand today and gave it three quick squeezes… our "I love you" code. Now that's joy.

  4. A lemon macaroon. I know it's a little thing, but we were at a street festival that had advertised live music & a play area but had neither of those things. Everyone was hot and a little crabby, and ducking into a little bakery for a cold glass of milk (for the kiddos) and a couple of glitter dusted, perfect macaroons changed the whole mood of the afternoon into something fun and special.

    (And this post helped! Mine are on each other's last nerve lately!)

  5. MamaWantsThis

    That's so beautiful! One of the reasons I want my son to have a sibling – there is nothing like it.

    Many things have brought me great joy – a standout is an email from someone I admire greatly as a writer. It made my week.

    Have a great weekend, Nichole.

  6. multitaskingmumma

    awww, that`s so very sweet!!
    My daughter started to hug me really tight after I come home from work… I love every second of it.

  7. Kimberly

    How absolutely sweet! Those moments between my kids bring tears to my eyes.

    Visiting with my in-laws this week brought me so much joy!

  8. How sweet! :) A close friend of mine taught Ryan how to clap today. I've been trying for weeks try get him to wave or (of course) say "mama." Turns out, he just wanted to clap, and he happily clapped for a full hour. Thank god for friends who are like family when you live far from home.

  9. Aw, that is sweet!

    Peanut M&M's, my convertible, and my 4 yr old telling me that Im the best mom ever all brought joy to me this week.

  10. That is the sweetest thing! I'm sure it melts your hear everytime. My joy this week is my little boy learned how to wave "hi." It's the cutests…and he always looks at his hand to be is that my hand LOL!

  11. Miranda

    See, yesterday Joshua had me wanting ZERO more children. Just him. And you? Have just made me want to reproduce NOW.

    So, so sweet.

  12. Jessica

    Isn't it amazing to see the bond between our children? I have found so much joy this week in watching my husband with our kids. He is on vacation and it is so nice to stand back and watch them interact… the patience he has and the way they love everything about Daddy.

  13. thisismynewmoon

    I'm working at a summer camp right now and we have a kid with autism in our class. He's a total sweetheart, but doesn't show much affection. This past week, though, he gave his version of a hug to myself, my co-counselor and our CIT. He sort of melts my heart every single day.

  14. andygirl

    I love your children. I love you. the end.

  15. Tonya

    So sweet!

    I can't wait to experience this someday when Lucas has a younger sibling. I just know he's going to be an amazing big brother.

  16. Joy is cropping up in just having time during the summer to hang out together. In contrast close friends with same aged children are dealing with the news of the dad having cancer with only months to live. It has made me aware of each and every day being the gift it is.

  17. Lyndsey

    I think you have achieved your goal Nichole…Katie and Matthew are true joy and will hopefully love each other beyond the years we can count!

  18. Lyndsey

    My joy this week was camping with my family and loving the beach, campfire, downtime and or course S'mores!!!!

  19. TheKirCorner

    I see it too, almost every day. The boys are hardly ever not together, but when one is sick or not in the same classroom, they have been known to run into the house (or other classroom) and shout "Hey, insert name of twin, I'm right here, I'm back." Also they miss one another now and tell us so. Gio wll come into our bedroom and will say "Jacob come back to our bed, I want my brother" ….I mean it just melts you ….

    I love this post. That sibling love will outlive everything, including the rivalry….I hope. ;)

  20. Glamamom

    Adorable. That is beautiful!

    Congrats on the BFF. I was in LA this weekend and that was quite beautiful and inspiring. Missed my Bubba though and now I'm home and back to reality.

    Best wishes!

  21. JDaniel4's Mom

    I love that JDaniel has been rushing to greet his friends with hugs. They are not so sure about it, but I love that he show affection so easily with those he cares about.

  22. Katie

    Ok I am super late because I have been a bad bloggy reader lately, but OMG does this make me excited for #2!!!

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