Connected through Immeasurable Loss

Letters for LucasOne of my dear friends, Tonya, lost her parents in a tragic accident several years ago.

They were young, vibrant, generous, and kind.

We spoke last year about what it means to have lost a parent, in my case, and two, in hers.

We spoke of death, faith, and pain and how we will explain our losses to our young children.

She asked me to share with her my thoughts all that time ago and I kept procrastinating, as the answers hadn’t crystalized in my mind as I thought they might.

My father’s death has been so central to who I am and how I approach my life.

Today, I am finally ready to talk and I’m sharing my thoughts over on Tonya’s blog, Letters for Lucas.

Please come visit me there and spend some time getting to know Tonya. Her soul is truly lovely.

I will be ever grateful if you share your thoughts and wisdom with us in the comments.



  1. Aleta

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't even talk about the possibility of losing my parents… we had a close call with my Dad this year and I felt numb just from that…

  2. Jessica

    Heading over to read. I love you both!!

  3. diana hampo

    I still want to call my parents sometimes, and tell them little stuff that I know they would love.

  4. julie gardner

    see you soon…

  5. sexandthesingledad

    In October it will be 9 years since my dad died and he was the buffer between my mom and I. Every tome she and I butt heads

  6. MamaRobinJ

    Ditto what Jessica said – love you both. Off to read.

  7. Rachel

    Loved your post….hugs to you my beautiful friend.

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