Bag of Joy

This week, this purse, my early anniversary gift from Craig, brought me tremendous joy.

Not just because of the purse itself (which I contemplated sleeping with last night, so in love am I), but also because of the words that accompanied it.

When Craig asked what I wanted this year and I showed him pictures of this purse, he never…

…tried to dissuade me,

…asked if I was certain about the color, or

…encouraged me to opt for a color more in line with what I’d normally choose…black or tan.

(In fact, I’ve been shlepping around the same black and tan diaper bag for four years now!)

Instead, he told me that I should choose whatever color made me happy and that I should just take a risk.

That he indulged me and saw that I was trying to break free of my comfort zone brought me immeasurable joy.

And the purse? Swoon.

Thank you, babe!

How about you? What brought you joy this week? Please share it with me here!


  1. MamaWantsThis

    Omigosh IT'S GORGEOUS!! I love love love this color – it looks like the color of my blog header hee hee.

    This week has been really hard for me so it's hard to find the joys. I guess the joy of surviving the week? :) Have a lovely weekend ahead!

  2. It is bee-yoo-ti-ful! I remember seeing it on your pinterest :)

    That Craig is a good guy ;)

    (Oh, and happy early anniversary to you both!!)

  3. Efloraross

    Happy early Anniversary! I can't remember the last time I carried an actual purse. Still lugging a big diaper bag around. ;)

    My joy this week, our family sitting at the dinner table having conversation. SB speech has exploded. She is surpassing anyone's expectations. I've been crying lots of tears lately – the good kind. Tears of joy.

  4. Jaime

    Happy early Anniversary!

    My baby…er…big girl's 4th birthday party brought me joy this week. Even if I'm having trouble grasping the idea that she's 4 and I keep watching videos of when she was smaller. We had a Tangled birthday party, and the smile on her face all day was priceless.

  5. MamaTrack

    Happy anniversary! And I love the bag–it's beautiful. Enjoy it! And bring it to BlogHer, so we can all see it!

    My joy this week? When my toddler called me "honey." It just makes me laugh.

  6. fromcorporatetodomestic

    Oooooh that is a super cute purse! I am so in need of a new one. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Megan -Best of Fates

    That purse is gorgeous – as are the two of you and your love.

  8. Evonne

    That purse is super cute! Happy early anniversary!

    What brought me joy was playing in the pool last night with my kids and a friend and her daughter. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. And watching my son try to swim on his own for the first time was wonderful!

  9. dawn

    LOVE the purse!! Purses are my indulgence for sure! You'll have great fun with that color!

  10. anothermomof2

    Aww, I love it! The bag is beautiful and what great encouragement. Happy early anniversary!

  11. I think I just blacked out with love for your bag. What kind is it? *wipes saliva off chin*

    I actually posted this week about a very happy day (LINK )…did you see The Bloggess' speech on Being Furiously Happy? I highly recommend it.

  12. Cate

    I LOVE that color! So fun and pretty. Happy anniversary!

  13. Sherri

    Love, love, love!!

  14. Kir

    I just adore it…it's so beautiful and the most perfect color. Blue is always a good choice I think.
    CONGRATULATIONS on having such a wonderful hubby, for going outside your "comfort zone" and for seeing JOY in it.

    my joy this week….wow, maybe just making it to Friday, it's been a tough one ;)

  15. Lyndsey

    Very good choice! I would usually pick black or tan as well…but I'm finding lately that I am so bored of everything in my closet! Have a great time with this one! Kudos to Craig!

  16. Lyndsey

    OH I always forget my joy! Tahoe…..on our way today!

  17. Two things brought me joy this week:

    1) Lulu's 4 month birthday
    2) My sister was rushed to the hospital yesterday, and the emergency surgery went very well. I was praying for her, and God was faithful as always!

  18. Bod for tea

    OMG I love it! Great colour choice too :-) Happy anniversary to you both x

  19. I adore that bag! It's a great color and I'll bet you'll get tons of compliments on it!

    Joy this week in Casa Rubber Chicken? The final Harry Potter movie! Plus Thing Two cleaned the kitchen all by himself :)

  20. Courtney K.

    Love, love the color! What a sweet husband! :)

  21. Kimberly

    I said this last night but I need to tell you again… It's gorgeous! I love it!!

  22. Tonya

    Happy Anniversary!! It's a beautiful bag and I can't wait to see it in person in a couple of weeks.

    So, what did you get Craig?

  23. MamaRobinJ

    Happy Anniversary! That is a totally awesome bag. Love the colour.

    My biggest joy this week was watching my husband turn my son into a pirate. They got all the craft stuff and he made an eye patch and even a fully-feathered parrot for Connor's shoulder. Something about it totally choked me up.

  24. JDaniel4's Mom

    I love the color! What a wonderful bag!

    I hope you have a great anniversary!

  25. Ooooo…I love that color, Nichole! That's GORGE!

    I've recently really enjoyed buying myself new dresses. I always thought they were too formal for my lifestyle and now I've realized just how much easier they make my lifestyle.

    The {sort of} non-purchase that brought me joy this week was our trip to Vegas. We went from Sunday to Wednesday and it was so very nice to get away!

  26. Rachel

    LOVE!! It is gorgeous!!!!

  27. julie gardner

    That bag is my FAVORITE color. Bar none. Make a splash, lady! And happy anniversary to you and Craig. What a lovely couple. And I do mean LOVE-ly. (oh how corny. crazy corn. but true.)

    This week, my sister-in-law (and her husband and three young children) came to stay with us. The cousins stayed up "late" talking, the adults stayed up late "talking"; we all spent so much time in the pool our skin pruned; we ate well, drank well, laughed hard.

    It was pure joy.

    They are moving from California to New Jersey next spring so we are making the most of these last few months in close proximity count.

    That will be a sad time. But for now? Joy. (and yes, I fell so behind with blogs and writing and twitter and and and. but oh well.)


  28. The Grouchy Mom

    My husband brought me joy when he offered, all on his own, to let me get away from the house to write for a couple of hours each night!

    It feels so good to be loved by such a great man.

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